Monday, September 22, 2008

Best Of . . . Anti-Aging - Top Five Things - Part 2

Select proper skin care for your face and body and reap the healthy benefits of glowing skin. Always wear a good sunscreen. Protect your skin from moisture loss by using a good hydrating cream. Moisture loss causes the surface layers to thicken (duller complexion) and contributes to an older appearance. Find products that offer anti-age actives, such as anti-oxidants (a must), peptides or ingredients to promote regeneration. Change up your skin care products a few times a year for better results. Don't forget to indulge in regular exfoliation treatments. Exfoliation helps keep the surface of the skin in good health, promotes new cell regeneration, and allows for better penetration of your skin care products.

4. MEDITATION - No matter what method is chosen there is no doubt that meditation frees your body and mind from stress. Stress is one of the main contributors to free radical activity in our bodies, (degeneration of tissues, mutation of cells, disease). Meditation is a big key to anti-aging because of the biochemical changes that occur in the body as a result. The deep relaxation associated with meditation provides many proven benefits, such as lowering stress hormones (epinephrine), lowering blood pressure, promoting an elevated state of healing, lowering pain thresholds, strengthening the immune system, boosting heart function, lowering cholesterol, keeping the arteries clear, reducing pain, dealing with fatigue, and offering a longer and happier life. EEG studies of the brain show a boost in the intensity of the alpha wave while in a relaxed, receptive state which kicks into gear good mental health and creative concentration. Is it any wonder why meditation is an enormous part of the anti-aging movement? A perfect inner state of peace is beauty personified. A beauty that doesn't diminish with time or age.

Laughter is considered the best medicine there is. Mark Twain said, "the human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter."A hearty laugh relieves stress-releasing b-endorphins giving the, I feel re-energized, I feel great feeling. Scientifically proven, good laughter can instantly lower blood pressure in hypersensitive people. The Dr. Lee Berk reveals a healthy connection between laughter and wellness and reports the evidence is "mind-blowing." He says that, "laughter brings about a state of eustress, which in psychological terms is the right opposite of distress." Laughter enriches blood vessels with oxygen enhancing the body's blood circulation. Blood circulation gives the skin a glow, boosts your brain function, and enhances a sense of wellness. The one who laughs the longest, laughs last.