Monday, May 30, 2011


L'Oreal's True Match Naturale Ultimate Spa Vacation
GRAND PRIZE: One grand prize winner and one guest to a spa resort determined by Sponsor in or near Santa Fe, New Mexico including roundtrip air transportation; four days and three nights hotel accommodations; and $1,000 in spending money.
Approximate Retail Value $13,000.

Note: 100 additional gift baskets offered as prizes and valued at $100 each.

Friday, May 27, 2011


GM Collin's Phyto Stem Cell + Serum is an advanced anti-aging serum formulated to harness harmful free radicals, brighten the skin, and produce a soft, smooth texture to the complexion.

The product utilizes an alliance of 3 powerful innovative sciences designed to quickly diminish and delay visible signs of aging. The The Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture Extract (swiss apple extract) increases the longevity of the skin cells; Orsirtine™ promotes cell survival, increases skin repair and protection; and Renovage® (Teprenone) opposes telomere shortening, allows the cells to destress, and offers a DNA repair effect. The formula also boasts a powerhouse of anti-aging peptides (Argireline, Matrixyl 3000, Hexapeptide 9), algae extract, and Kombuchka (black tea fermentation) for anti-glycation activity while helping to soothe and enhance the skin's natural radiance and color.

According to the reviews, the 5 years in Research and Development was time well spent.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

B. KAMINS Therapeutic Anti-Aging Moisturizer

B. KAMINS Therapeutic Anti-Aging Moisturizer addresses the need for different types of anti-oxidants to ensure minimal free radical damage in the skin and control inflammatory reactions, a precursor to free radical activity. One of its ingredients, alpha lipoic acid, boosts the anti-oxidant properties of this cream as it has the ability to regenerate and recycle itself and other anti-oxidants . . . vitamin E and lecithin, for example. The grape and safflower oil along with retinyl palmitate (ester of vitamin A), squalane, and lecithin will give much needed emolliency and softness to the texture of mature skin.

B. Kamins uses a Bio-Maple™ compound, a moisturizing and penetrating anti-oxidant extracted from maple sap using a patented process. Bio Maple™ also contains pure AHA's ensuring healthy exfoliation and combined with a little niacinamide (vitamin B3) the skin will regain a healthy look of vitality. Hydration is re-enforced and protected with key actives, including hyaluronic acid (holds 1000 x its weight in water). To top off the efficacy of this cream there are copper and zinc peptides, which are essential for the regeneration of collagen and elastin as well as expediting enzyme activity and healing.

All in all, this is a great cream for anyone concerned about aging, or for enhancing medical or para medical procedures. B. Kamins in noted for being a results oriented skin care line targeting problem skin, whether it is acne, rosacea, or aging. Is aging a problem? Well, that depends entirely on who is answering the question.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Design Your Dream Getaway
Enter by May 28th
GRAND PRIZE: A trip for two to winner's choice of Los Angeles, CA, New York City, New Orleans, LA or Seattle, WA. Trip package includes roundtrip, coach-class air transportation for two; three nights' accommodations; ground transportation to and from airport and hotel; winner's choice of one of the following activities for one day of the trip: a spa day, a shopping spree, a taste of the city, or a sightseeing tour in the selected city; winner and guest's choice of one of the following items each: a Netbook, a 32 GB iPod Touch®, a digital camera, or a smart phone; and $400 spending money. Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”): $10,000.

Friday, May 20, 2011

YONKA Lotion - Normal to Dry Skin

You can always count on YonKa for sourcing some nice plant extracts to meet the needs of the skin. The lavender and cypress botanicals will ensure a soothing, anti-inflammatory, de-stressing action. The rosemary will also aid circulation, improving cellular activities. The refreshing 'scent and sensation' will have you looking forward to misting your face and neck with this lotion.

This alcohol free lotion will reinforce the essential superficial hydration of the skin, especially if you apply your day or night cream while the skin is still moist with the lotion. The plant oils give great emolliency to the skin making it a favourite for normal to dry skin types, although it will probably feel too much for a more oilier skin.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Still One of Our Favorite Things - Sothys Secrets

Women 38+ will appreciate not only the result and function of this cream, but the sheer pleasure of its texture and glide. The key active ingredient is 'Tex-OE' from prickly pear, an ingredient that triggers the skin to neutralize the negative effects of stress, or free radical damage, in a couple of hours. This is the normal time frame for younger women to process damage due to stress, but as hormone levels start to change the proteins in the skin responsible for this activity may take up to eight hours. The result? Slow cellular repair, slow regeneration and increased degeneration, all culprits of aging. Sothys Secrets offers a powerful cocktail of anti-oxidants to accompany Tex-OE, including the peel of an apple, peptides to trigger collagen renewal, and iris extract to increase and protect the dermal proteins (collagen and elastin). Marjoram and ylang ylang are responsible for the fragrance and add to the destressing effects of this velvety textured cream. An addictive luxury? In a word, . . . yes.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Spring Skin Care Switch-Up

Oh, the glory of Spring. It is the time of an awakening, a time dedicated to restoration, rejeuvenation, and revitalization. The air changes, the sun comes out and moods are lifted. As our bodies are unveiled from the wraps of the winter's cold air, it becomes evident that our skin requires a much needed boost of vitality.

During the Spring we take in more fresh air, are more apt to take walks, or go bicycling, while thoroughly enjoying the new season and its new life all around us. In a word, renewal. It is the perfect time to "switch-up" to a new skin care program that will awaken our skin with new ingredients and textures that will jump start cell activity to coincide with nature's shining moments.

Spring is a perfect time to add detoxifying products and treatments to kick things into gear and increase the elimination of toxins and cell regeneration. While dehydration is still and issue, day creams with a lighter texture may offer vitality boosters to give your skin that fresh spring glow. Don't forget to incorporate a detoxifying mask to your daily routine. A great vitamin enriched night cream loaded with anti-oxidants is a good bet. As far as treatments are concerned, now is a great time to book a detoxifying body wrap, an oxygenating facial or a lymphatic drainage treatment (face and body).

Friday, May 13, 2011

Elemis Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream

This lovely textured night cream focuses on boosting oxygen in the skin, which then triggers the cells to detoxify and regenerate. Oxygen is essential to keep the cellular activity functioning well. This ensures healthy, younger looking skin and minimizes free radical damage. It is important that an oxygenating product not just provide oxygen on the skin (i.e. some contain hydrogen peroxide) as this can actually promote free radical development.

Elemis has created a combination of extracts from marine algae, which not only promotes the utilization of oxygen, but brings benefits of various minerals and vitamins needed for healthy functioning skin. These algae also ensure hydration to the tissues and provide calcium for collagen regeneration and cellular communication. The jojoba, shea butter, sesame, avocado and wheat germ extracts offer the EFA (essential fatty acid) benefits to ensure cell health and free radical defense, as well as incredible emolliency.

This cream is an exceptional anti-age tool as it does more than address the oxygenation for the skin and minimize free radical damages, it also contains some of those incredible peptides that facilitate collagen and elastin regeneration. Give your skin a month (time for cellular turnover), and it will show you a new vitalized healthier younger looking skin.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Myth: The more you pay, the better the cream.
Just because you pay a lot of money for a cream does not mean the cream will be the best one for you. It is true that a good anti-age cream is more expensive than a basic hydrating cream, but if you are in your twenties, there is no need to buy a cream formulated to address age related concerns. If you are in your 40s, well, that's another issue. What is most important are the ingredients in the cream, . . . the ones needed for your particular skin type. A good skin analysis and determination of the correct approach to care for your skin will give a better guideline for choosing ingredients and products that will deliver results.

Having said that, new research is offering specific ingredients with new delivery systems that are making ingredients more targeted and precise. These ingredients produce greater results because they are more easily assimilated and have a much better affinity with the skin. All of the new research, new ingredients and new technology costs more. It is simple math. There is a definite price to pay for progress.

Monday, May 9, 2011


Myth: Day cream vs night cream - only one will do.
It is true that many creams can be used as a day cream and a night cream, unless you are trying to work on specific skin care needs, or have creams formulated with ingredients specified as day or night use only. There are several reasons for am/pm directions. For example, some creams contain a lot of titanium dioxide, or other sun protecting ingredients, which should be kept for daytime use only. Others may have ingredients that sensitize the skin, or oxidize themselves if exposed to UV, and are therefore better used as night creams.

More importantly, the skin is twice as active at night in regenerating, detoxifying and building up anti-oxidants to defend against the stresses it faces during the day. The increase in micro-circulation also ensures better availability and use of product ingredients at night. If you are using a cream that does not specify day or night only, it can be used both am and pm, . . . the day for protection, hydration, offering specific ingredients for your skin (the skin will still use the “goodies” just not as efficiently as at night) and at night to help the skin refuel, regenerate, and rebuild. We strongly recommend a good, solid specific cream designated for night time repairs. Remember, you may be sleeping, but your skin is doing double time.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Poise - Next Great Woman in History Caption Contest and Sweepstakes
Enter by May 11th
GRAND PRIZE: One winner and two guests will win a trip for three to New York City including round-trip coach airfare from a major commercial airport near winner’s residence, five days/4 nights hotel accommodations and transfers to and from airport; guided tour for three of Lady Liberty and Ellis Island; spa day for three including manicure, pedicure, hair, facial and massage; three tickets to Broadway Show; Three $250 American Express gift cards and three dinners for three at NYC restaurants. Approximate Retail Value $10,000.00.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Mother’s Day Spa Giveaway Sweepstakes
Enter by May 9th
GRAND PRIZE #1: One winner will receive a trip prize package for two consisting of a four night all-inclusive stay in an oceanfront room at the LaSource resort in Grenada; nightly entertainment for winner/guest; internet access for winner/guest; one spa treatment per winner/guest daily except on day of arrival and day of departure; all meals and beverages for winner/guest daily; Retail Value $4,256; and two $400 American Express or Visa gift cards to be used by winner and guest for air transportation to/from Grenada; total prize package RV $5,056.

GRAND PRIZE #2: One winner will receive a trip prize package for two consisting of a four night all-inclusive stay in a deluxe room at Breezes Runaway Bay in Jamaica; all meals and beverages for winner/guest daily; land and water activities for winner/guest daily; two massages (one for winner and one for guest), Retail Value $2,900; and two $400 American Express or Visa gift cards to be used by winner and guest for air transportation to/from Jamaica, total prize package Retail Value $3,700.

Total Retail Value of all prizes: $8,756.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Darphin's use of Fair Trade Certifited Shea Butter from the IDEAL Providence Farms company contributes to the improvement of the living conditions of women and their families. Hydraskin Essential features a Shea Butter obtained through a community benefit program supporting women in Ghana.

Hyrdraskin Essential is enriched with HydraStructure™ Technology, based upon two powerful plant extracts, works hard at reactivating the skin's natural hydration system. Salicornia is an unique plant that grows in extremely dry environments and soils with a high salt content and a low water level. Its survival is directly linked to the presence of water transporters that play a vital role in protecting the plant from dehydration. Salicornia oil is extracted from the aerial parts of the plants using the supercritical CO2 extraction process and greatly helps hydrate skin.

The Butterfly Lavender extract maintains water in the epidermis by restoring the Statum Corneum. It helps create a “barrier effect” which protects the skin from external aggressors. Organic Safflower Oil, rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, Mango Butter and organic Shea Butter offers suppleness and optimum comfort for the skin.