Friday, October 31, 2008

Mesoetetic Winter Promotional Pack

• Radiance Soft Pearls contains Retinol offering a secondary benefit of promoting exfoliation. Retinol promotes the formation of new cells in the lower layer of the epidermis, which in turn promotes the movement of older cells upward to shed. The cell regeneration triggered by Retinol leads to newer healthier skin, minimizing blemishes, lines and giving the skin the glow of vitality. The product is packaged in gelatine capsules (pearls) offering unit doses and easy application. As well as boosting cell regeneration the pearls contain ceremides to reinforce the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin, boosting the defence against moisture loss and environmental aggressions.

• The Radiance Intense Serum is the free radical 'scavenger' of the collection. It has powerful antioxidants (vitamin C, lipoic acid, soya isoflavons) to defend against aging and degradation of the skin, as well as ingredients to boost cellular oxygen promoting detoxification and giving the skin a smoother, more radiant appearance.

• Regenerating Gel is a light protective day cream/gel that hydrates, nourishes, and comforts the skin from the harsher environment of winter. It is so effective that it is often recommended for calming irritated skin after peeling treatments like microdermabrasion. Just think what it would do to soothe skin chapped by winter winds. It contains a powerful cocktail of peptides to boost collagen and elastin to minimize fine lines and help the skin to resist the formation of new tell tale signs of aging.

Mesoetetic designed their winter rescue skin care kit to ensure your skin stays protected and vibrant throughout the winter season . . . a season of radiance.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sircuit Cosmeceuticals Dry Winter Skin Treatment Kit

A winter rescue skin care kit takes the guess work out of selecting the right products to help your skin take on winter's abuse. Sircuit Cosmeceuticals designed their kit with four products that include an easy to use exfoliating mask, a skin regenerating booster cream for day, a repair cream for night, and a lip treatment to keep the lips from chapping.

Youth Accelerator is an exfoliating mask formulated with nutrition rich pumpkin enzymes. Perfect timing. Pumpkins are not only for Hallowe'en and great pies. They also have the incredible ability to refine skin texture and ward off too much cell build up.
Sircuit Skin Secret Sauce is a powerful day cream to boost cell activity, hydrate and defend the skin from those 'age promoting' free radicals. There are several ingredient goodies you have been reading about, . . . peptides for anti-age activities, hyaluronic acid for hydration, and reliable vitamin E as the anti-oxidant.
Dreamweaver is a night treatment cream was created to repair, heal and replenish the skin so that it will have the resistance and protection needed for the environmental exposure that follows during the day. The shea butter base with its high essential fatty acid (EFA) content ensures regeneration and healing, along with other natural growth factors. It also contains a powerful antioxidant.
Suggah is more than balm for chapped lips, it is an anti-age lip plumping treatment that can be used as often as needed.
Shea butter and jojoba will provide relief for winter ravaged, dehydrated lips.

Give your skin a change this winter and "switch it up" from your normal routine.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Top Ten Winter Skin Care Survival Tips

1. Never bathe in hot water. High heat robs the skin of moisture. Instead, bathe in lukewarm water with bath oil.
2. Moisturize immediately following a bath or washing.
3. Carry spritzers to replenish moisture when the skin feels dry and follow with a moisturizer.
4. Exfoliate on a regular basis to maximize the results of moisturizers, but choose a gentle exfoliant and use it more often.
5. Use a humidifier to keep the room at at least 30% moisture because dry air draws moisture from the skin.
6. Have a healthy hydration routine - drink plenty of water and other beneficial fluids.
7. Make sure your moisturizer contains an SPF - just because it is winter does not mean you can forget about using protection against those deadly UVAs.
8. Narrow the use of products containing AHAs and stay away from astringents and toners that contain alcohol.
9. If you don't already take a multivitamin, winter is a great time to start, especially one with some vitamin D. Increase your daily intake of antioxidants.
10. Add olive oil to your diet - you will be amazed at the results.

Some skin care lines have created some great winter rescue kits to boost your winter skin care while refining texture, rebooting cell activity, nourishing and hydrating. Stay tuned . . .

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall and Winter Skin Care "Switch-Ups"

Ah, . . . winter. Colder temperatures, cooler air, and depending on where you live, the possibility of rain and/or snow. When this happens we turn on our furnaces, start to use the heaters in our cars, and cover up for warmth. All of these things greatly affect our skin. The cooler temperatures cause a drop in the humidity leading to increased moisture loss, and the dry warmth of the furnace pitches in to finish off the job by robbing your skin's moisture levels. For instance, sitting in your car with the heater blowing may feel warm and toasty, but it puts your skin into panic mode.

It is normal to have moisture move through your skin and evaporate from the skin's surface to some degree, but when the skin loses too much moisture it responds with defensive actions. For instance, oil production increases in an attempt to trap more moisture as it plays a large role in holding, or linking, moisture in the skin. The surface layer of the skin begins to thicken in an attempt to lessen the moisture loss. The result? A thicker, duller complexion with more dehydration lines, accentuated existing lines, and a definite feeling of tightness. If that is not bad enough, dehydrated skin is more susceptible to free radical damage accelerating the aging process.

During the fall and winter months it is paramount to switch up to a new day cream that will provide a little more emolliency and protection, and one that will boost hydration, . . . big time. If you cannot bring yourself to change your day cream, boost it with a serum day and night. Exfoliation will help address the thickening, minimize the lines and pore depth, increase the healthy color of the skin, and give a renewed look of vitality. Bring out the hydrating masks, daily if you need to, and don't forget to go and have a professional deep hydrating facial. Your skin will radiate with appreciation.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Seasonal Skin Care . . . Yes or No?

There really is something to seasonal skin care. Everyone should change their skin care routine and switch up their products according to the different seasons. The skin responds much better to a little variety when the climate changes trigger problems. Variety is also the skin's spice of life when trying to slow down your own “aging” season. What about those who live in areas that do not have drastic seasonal changes? The skin gets accustomed to external and internal environments and will respond to minor changes, such as temperature, humidity, sun exposure, furnaces, air-conditioning, stress and diet. Even slight changes alter the skin structure and behavior. Have you ever wondered why your skin lacks a little vitality in the spring, glows in the summer, and in the fall you are thinking, “yikes . . . more lines?"

Stay tuned for a little insight on the influence seasons have on your skin and what you can do to sail through the seasons with not only better skin, but great skin.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Don't Wear Moisturizers with SPF to Bed!

I love my moisturizer and use it day and night. Recently, I read that any moisturizer containing SPF should not be worn at night because it will block the effectiveness of the ingredients. What is your opinion?

What you read is true. Any product that has a high dose of SPF will contain either titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. These are great sun blocks but they are occlusive on the skin and will prevent the other ingredients from functioning efficiently. It is also important to understand that these two ingredients will put weight on your skin at night which is believed to accentuate aging. Yikes! Our advise is to wear it only during the day when you need UV protection and find another good treatment cream formulated to benefit your skin during the night.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Pondering Paraffin Treatments

Can paraffin treatments be used on the neck and face?

Yes, paraffin treatments can be performed on the face and neck, but as a strict rule, the outcome is only as effective as the product placed underneath it. Paraffin forms a warm occlusion to promote penetration of the product applied. While it will soften and hydrate the area, it will do absolutely nothing to tone and tighten the the skin. Also, it is a very real possibility that those who are claustrophobic may discover the heat and weight of the paraffin may not be comfortable. There are many wonderful professional treatments to choose from and enjoy.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Not All Skin Care is Created Equal

What is the difference between professional grade skin care vs department store retail? Great question. Simply put, professional skin care is sold in a spa environment under the careful eye of an esthetician. Professional lines are exclusively prescribed to each client after a thorough skin analysis. Accordingly, manufacturing companies are more comfortable incorporating the maximum amount of allowable ingredients into their products because of the education based distribution. Hence, the category, professional skin care. As a result, clients can bank on a higher percentage of active ingredients and a more efficient product. Kind of important if you are looking for a bigger bang for your buck.

Retail, on the other hand, markets products in a more anonymous setting, and in doing so, must cut back on the level of active ingredients to address the obvious risk of irritation and sensitivities. It is the "a lot of this and a little of that" story. Having said that, there are some interesting products out there, especially in the past few years. We've come a long way, baby! The top companies in this category have buckets of money and they invest in significant anti-aging research and development. And, that is a very good thing.

There are some truly great products on both sides of the fence, but our money, at the moment, is on the professional grade products.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Spa Treatment for Hands - Paraffin Wax

Paraffin has the unique ability to absorb, retain and transfer heat to the delicate parts of the hands at a therapeutic level. The heat transfer increases circulation, relaxes stiffness, relieves dryness, and offers a unique relaxing experience, . . . also perfect for joint pain. Prior to the paraffin application, a stress releasing hand massage is followed by a light application of luxurious hydrating cream.

The hands are then immersed in a warm wax, which immediately hardens, and placed into plastic liners and insulated towel mitts to help increase the circulation of the skin and absorption of additional moisture from the cream. The more layers of paraffin the more heat fusion will occur, and the more layers applied, the easier it is to remove. And no, paraffin wax will not pull out or remove hair. The heat immediately releases tension and literally melts stress and tension while rehydrating and soften the appearance of the hands. This half hour treatment is the ultimate in affordable spa luxury. This is truly one of the best and least expensive treatments available at a spa and a personal treat to consider during an economic downturn. Go on, put your hands into those of the professionals and lift your mood. You deserve it!

Friday, October 10, 2008

NIA 24 - Decolletage and Hands Sun Damage Repair

This hand treatment was created to specifically address sun damage, different types of hyperpigmentation often seen on the backs of the hands (and/or on the décolleté) and to help prevent further damage. The formula contains some great plant extracts that will inhibit the production of melanin, lighten and smooth the skin, support the natural barriers, and offer protection from further ultra violet damage.

The ingredients include great anti-inflammatory action of liquorice (remember any type of inflammation or irritation promotes free radical damage), pigment control of bearberry and mulberry, and soothing actions of allantoin, evening primrose and olive oils. Vitamins B3 and B5 re-establish the protection of the skin barrier and diminish pigmentation. Vitamins C, E, and white tea offer powerful anti-oxidant properties (C will lighten the skin as well). Even with the plant oil content (olive, corn, borage) this cream is comfortable and does not leave a greasy feel to the hands. The light scent of nutmeg adds to the pleasantness and will promote frequent use. Tip: Don’t forget to exfoliate your hands at least once a week to get the best results possible.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

B Kamins Maple Treatment Hand Cream SPF20

This hand cream packs a powerful punch. It is rich with anti-oxidants essential to protect the skin and dermal proteins, like collagen, from degradation (aging) which helps to keep the skin on the hands firm and plump. The natural protective barrier is often stripped away from environmental exposures and frequent washing. Once disrupted, hands are predisposed to free radical damage and discoloration and they begin to feel dehydrated, rough, and uncomfortable.

Reinforcing the protective barrier is essential to protecting and preserving the health of the skin on the hands. The honey and squalene content, combined with the Bio-Maple™, ensures hydration throughout the layers of the skin reinforcing the protective barrier of the corneum (upper layer of the skin) leaving the skin of the hands (and cuticles) feeling soft and supple.This light, non-greasy formula also includes AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) which ensures a healthy non-aggressive turnover of cells, promoting exfoliation of the old and production of the new. The incorporated sun protection gives essential UVA and UVB protection. The guarantee? Your hands will thank you.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Hands Up, Age Detection Down

Our hands tell tall tales. Other than assisting in almost every task we perform, they express our emotions and help us communicate. Hands also reveal our true age, particularly if they have been neglected (as most are). Think of the abuse of unprotected sun exposure, harsh soaps and cleaning products, all of which expedite the degradation (aging) of their skin. One day we start to see age spots and tell ourselves they must be freckles. Freckles? Umm, . . . no. It is the beginning of pay back time.

The skin on the back of your hands is not very thick compared to your face or body and as we age the dermis starts to thin and the fat and muscle tissue begin to disappear. What can you do? A hand exfoliation is a great place to start and will revitalize the hands, smooth the skin, and lighten those freckles. You can use a hand cream, anti-age or lightening serums, and a dab of your anti-aging face cream. Keep serum on your night table and apply it to the back of your hands as you are going to bed (you won’t be washing it off for a few hours). If you are going to be out in the sun, don’t forget to put some protection on the backs of your hands. The earlier you start to look after the skin on your hands the better. Oh, and don't forget the rubber gloves.

Friday, October 3, 2008


Prize 1: Radisson Aruba Resort Casino & Spa Discover what put the "ahh" in Aruba. You and a guest will experience fragrant gardens and cascading waterfalls at the 14-acre oasis known as the Radisson Aruba Resort, Casino & Spa. The prize includes a 5-night double-occupancy stay in a garden view room, plus your choice of one 50-minute spa treatment per adult at the award-winning Larimar Spa featuring advanced skin care therapies, therapeutic massages from around the world, and nourishing body treatments.

Prize 2: Gran Bahia Principe Coba Resort Enjoy the ultimate destination to recharge your inner battery. It's all about natural pleasure in the Riviera Maya's crystal-clear waters, sandy white beaches, and mystical Maya historic sites. Your prize with the Gran Bahia Principe Coba resort includes a 5-night double occupancy stay in a Junior Suite with the full All-Inclusive package featuring five specialty restaurants, plus a complimentary spa treatment for each adult at Bahia Principe's full-service spa focused on natural healing modalities.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Neck's Little Extras

There are little extras you can do to prevent “softening" of the neck line, or to improve an already “softened" neck. They should definitely be considered before resorting to plastic surgery, or the more aggressive medi-spa treatments. If you decide to choose the medical treatment route these little extras will expedite healing, recovery, and enhance the result of the treatment, especially if you treat your neck to a healthy home treatment program.

Mini Home Treatment: Apply a firming mask to the area of the face and neck. Lay a strip of gauze into it with a lifting motion gently pulling it up over the jaw. Let it set. After 10 - 15 minutes, moisten and remove. The gauze will enhance the effect of the mask and give a little extra lift for a special occasion. Most skin care professionals will recommend masking once a week, but don't be shy, incredible results have been noted with masking daily. Make sure to rinse off the mask before it dries, particularly if it has a clay base as it will dehydrate your skin.

Mini Exercise: Apply cream gently from the center of your chin towards your ears then down the sides of your neck. This will improve the nourishment and detoxifying action of the blood and lymph. Take the pads of your thumb and rest them under your chin, with your mouth closed try to open your mouth with your thumbs providing the resistance, hold for a few seconds then repeat a few times. You will feel a little tightening in the muscle that covers the neck - the one that tends to relax a little too much for our liking. Repeat the same action again, only this time hold your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Hold and repeat as before. You should feel tightening again, but, in a little different place on the muscle (platysma). Now, use the same positioning of the thumbs, but this time open your mouth open and try to push it closed using your thumbs, . . . hmm another sensation of tightening. This little bit of aerobics for the neck takes a couple of minutes and is a great way to apply a serum or cream, or fill in time at a red light. This is a great "waddle-buster."