Friday, February 26, 2010


Enter by February 28th
GRAND PRIZE: One four day/three night trip for winner and three guests to Florida's Paradise Coast to Shop, Spa, and Dine. This Sweepstakes takes place in Naples, Marco Island, and the Everglades region, consisting of the following elements; round-trip coach class air transportation; three nights’ hotel accommodations in the Presidential Suite (quad occupancy) at the Marco Island Marriott; airport/hotel transfers; Day at The Spa at the Marco Island Marriot; Dinner at Koral’s Sushi and Cocktail Lobby Bar; Private Sailing/Shelling tour on a catamaran; Golf and lunch at The Rookery; Wave runner tour of the 10,000 islands area; Poolside cabana service; $2,000.00 shopping spree in downtown Naples. Trip must be completed by March 1, 2011. Approximate retail value $29,350.00

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

SPA SWEEPSTAKES - Travel Channel - Travel Bug Sweepstakes

Travel Channel Travel Bug Sweepstakes
Enter by February 28th
GRAND PRIZE: A trip for two (2) to Vancouver, Canada. Prize package includes round trip coach airfare for two (2) from major airport closest to winner's home to Vancouver (determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion); roundtrip airport transfers via private sedan; three (3) nights' accommodations at Wedgewood Hotel & Spa, double occupancy, standard room; personalized ½ day Vancouver City Tour; Victoria Seaplane & Ferry from Vancouver; Vancouver North Shore day trip with Capilano Suspension Bridge & Grouse Mountain; and a private day trip to Whistler. Approximate Retail Value $5,820.

Monday, February 22, 2010

SPA SWEEPSTAKES - Condé Nast Publications - The Queen Mary 2

Destination Cunard Sweepstakes
Enter by February 28th
Grand Prize: One six (or seven) day Transatlantic Crossing aboard the Queen Mary 2, for two, departing New York and arriving in Southampton, England. One night hotel stay in New York, roundtrip coach airfare & ground transportation (between departure, arrival and hotel), Premium Balcony Stateroom for two, dine in the Britannia Restaurant, one treatment for two at the Canyon Ranch SpaClub, and one complimentary dinner for two in the Todd English Restaurant. Approximate Retail Value $9,150

Friday, February 19, 2010


The Tiger is a charismatic symbol of beauty and power. Since the Tiger greatly influences innovations and technical progress, the world of skin care and cosmetics can expect to see many new scientific advances offering new ways to accomplish complexion perfection. The Tigress represents on-the-prowl-drama-queen glamor with an emphasis on function and speed. These traits place a demand for no-fuss, no-muss beauty. This big-cat beauty trend will also see sleek and convenient product packaging this year.

The Tiger is known to be notoriously moody with a hair trigger temper. That said, don't be surprised when psychology and cosmetics pair up as their own dynamic duo and market a wide variety of mood enhancing skin care and makeup, a.k.a. neurocosmetics. These products incorporate ingredients to nourish the skin while balancing temperaments through calming, or stimulating, the neurotransmitters in the brain. Aromatherapy (scent), chromotherapy (color), and vitamins are being formulated in the beauty market to effectively alter moods, increase or decrease energy levels, reduce stress, and add a sense of well-being to an otherwise rip-roaring day. Mood boosting beauty? You bet!

Tigers sprawl out and lounge all day long on the banks of rivers, ponds, and lakes. These lazy sunbathers may not need protection from the sun, but we do. Sun protection technology will offer all of us more time to luxuriate safely in the great outdoors. A solid overall health care routine is essential to boost and maintain energy since the height of all feline activity is during the day. Tigers engage in storage eating . . . binging one full day and then cutting back for the balance of the week to keep trim and lean. Take notice of these ferocious felines and enjoy a feast-fest one day a week and then focus on a healthy eating program. At the end of each day, choose great night care products to do the heavy lifting while you get your beauty sleep and rest up for life's daily hunt.

Change is the name of the Tiger's game. It is a perfect time to personally switch things up, get a new hairdo, investigate a new color palette, shape new brows, and most definitely upgrade your skin care. Throw out the old things that no longer do the trick anymore. Bright, bold colors, smokey eyes, tiger stripe eyeliners, sleek looks are very much the beauty focus of this year. The year of the Tiger is not a year to be part of the pack . . . no . . . Tigers are too independent to blend into a crowd. They prefer a more solitary lifestyle or will roam in small gatherings. 2010 is the year where identifying your own individuality is key. In true form, no two tigers are exactly alike. Singular purrrrrfection!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The Tiger is born to lead. Commanding and bold, warm hearted and fearsome, charming and charismatic, honest and dynamic, independent and determined, exciting and adventurous, authoritative and clever. Tigers are known for their sharpness and speed, and are always courageous in the face of danger. The cat's counter productive behavior? Short-tempered, stubborn, disobedient.

Last year's plodding and careful cultivation of the Ox is definitely a thing of the past. The Tiger brings rapid change, and with that comes a bit of turbulence. Flexibility and adaptability are key to surviving the quick pace of the year under the Tiger's influence. Opportunities will quickly come and go. Strong instincts and energy will be required to effectively seize the moment. Businesses will succeed when led by rigorous determination, strategic planning and uncompromising follow-through.

The 2010 Tiger will be a year of new beginnings, change, and renewal. It presents a year of high energy, technical advances, innovations and a level of unpredictability that always leads to a little drama. Although restlessness may be rampant, the Tiger's optimistic nature and fighting spirit keeps the ball rolling in the right direction. This year presents a unique opportunity to attack difficult personal issues with courage and passion, and successfully accomplish difficult challenges. Tigers tend to be a little more reactive than proactive, so it is important to realize this is not the year for spontaneous reactions, but one for thoughtful actions. Big cat instincts and the readiness to leap must be replaced with mindful timing. During 2010, it is far better to sit back in the weeds and wait rather than attacking each situation. The theme of this year? Ponder before you pounce.

Monday, February 15, 2010


February 14th 2010 - February 6th, 2011

I am the delightful Paradox.
All the world is my stage.
I set new trails ablaze, I seek the unattainable, and try the untried.
I dance to life's music in gay abandon.
Come with me on my carousel rides.
See the myriad of colors, the flickering lights.
All hail me the unparalleled performer.

Celebrity Tigers: Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio, Emily Dickinson, Isadora Duncan, Roberta Flack, Jodie Foster, William Hurt, Marilyn Monroe, Demi Moore, Lionel Ritchie, Kenny Rogers, Dylan Thomas, Stevie Wonder.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Good Chocolate vs Bad Chocolate

Knowing sweets are bad doesn't seem to stop us from cruising candy stands and sweet shops . . . some disciplined souls walking away forlorned, others indulging with careless abandon. Then, one bright sunny day, our hearts were lifted with the announcement that chocolate may actually be a good thing. Huh? Chocolate is good for our health? Upon hearing this most welcome news, chocolate sales tipped the scales. The sweet side of heaven opened and was filled with the satisfied and harmonic hum of yummm.

Now the dust has settled and we are left with the cold, dark facts. Not all chocolate is created equal. Not all chocolate is good for you. Milk chocolate, white chocolate and middle-of-the-road candy bars are still loaded with bad things like over processing,white sugar, fat and hydrogenated oil. Milk and chocolate don't mix well since the milk in milk chocolate, "may interfere with the absorption of antioxidants from chocolate destroying the health benefits of the chocolate." Who knew? Dark chocolate, on the other hand, made with at least 70% pure cocoa powder does offer many notable health benefits. In fact, cocoa from the bean of the cacao plant offers a bountiful antioxidant effect that reduces inflammation (the cause of many diseases), lowers blood pressure, improves blood flow to the brain, helps muscles recuperate from exercise, improves the skin . . . and as if that wasn't enough . . . settles emotions and boosts your mood. Clearly, dark chocolate has earned its rightful place in the superfood category.

Long story short, remember this. Darker is better. Not wanting to rain on your Willy Wonka parade, nutritionists would like to remind you that while this good news tastes great, it is not a license to binge. One full bar of dark chocolate usually weighs in at 450-500 calories, and that quickly adds up. The recommendation? Savoring one beautiful, dark, velvety, luxurious piece of chocolate a day will go a long, long way. Enjoy the moment!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pevonia - Spa Vitamins Product Launch - Feb. 15th

Through extensive scientific research and clinical studies, Pevonia is now able to ensure faster, more visible results through its latest launch, Power Repair® Spa Vitamins, hitting shelves February 15. Get on the pathway to optimized energy and health with Power Repair® Spa Vitamins’ proprietary blend of powerhouse ingredients. Resveratrol, a highly active antioxidant known for its unparalleled anti-aging benefits; Extramel, a melon extract known for speeding up fat processing and counteracting inflammation; and Anthocyanins, powerful phyto-nutrients that protect cells from free radical damage, make up the custom blend found in each of the five Spa Vitamins.

AccuMind™ (promotes cerebral health and wellness), LipoRefine™ (prevents fat storage accumulation under the skin), ClariPlex™ (fights blemish formation and prevents scarring), Youth Renew™ (supports youthful, radiant skin and supports healthy immune and cardiovascular systems), and the PevoVitale™ De-Aging Vitamin Drink (increases energy, prolongs vitality, and enhances mental function) provide specified nutritional blends for unparalleled results. Sold in boxes of easy-to-use packets, these vitamins complement any Pevonia skincare regimen and take results to brand new heights.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Dr. Hauschka Rose Luxury Care Kit for Valentine's Day

A symbol of love since the beginning of time, the rose naturally has come to be the flower emblematic of St. Valentine. It's also an essential ingredient in many Dr.Hauschka products, prized for its balancing and protective qualities. Now, Dr.Hauschka presents the Rose Luxury Care Kit for Valentine's Day. Express the love in your heart to one who is dear with a gift meant to be shared in a spirit of comfort and harmony. The Dr. Hauschka Rose Luxury Care Kit contains a 145ml format of the classic Rose Body Moisturizer. Made from medicinal rose plant extracts and rose petals, this body emulsion stimulates the protective functions of the skin. It is created to protect and strengthen dry, sensitive skin, while aiding it to rebalance itself. This gift set also features a 5 ml travel size Rejuvenating Mask. This is the perfect time of year to try this purifying, regenerating product that gives skin a hydrated, healthy appearance.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Allure Readers’ Choice Breakthrough Sweepstakes
Enter by February 28th
Grand Prize: One winner and a guest will receive round-trip airfare to the Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa Miami Beach, accommodations for five nights, three meals a day per person at the Hotel (excluding alcoholic beverages), access to fitness and Aquavana facilities, five $160 spa services at Canyon Ranch per person. Spa treatments to choose from include Deep Tissue Thermal Therapy, Ashiatsu - Deep Barefoot Massage, Thai Massage, Turkish Hammam Bath Ritual, Ayurvedic Herbal Rejuvenation. Approximate Retail Value of the prize $7,000

Sweet Tooth . . . Aging Face

Did you know that sugar accelerates the skin's aging process? Say what? Yup, sugar's bad-boy reputation stands steady. Not only does it pack on the pounds and cause tooth decay, sugar is also being blamed for aging skin. Scientists have confirmed that a rise in blood sugar causes inflammation at the cellular level resulting in prematurely aging skin. This is a result of a natural process where sugar in the bloodstream sticks to proteins to form new damaging molecules called, advanced glycation end products, aka AGEs, (how appropriate). The more these proteins multiply, the more damage done. Their primary target is the destruction of the other good-guy proteins, collagen and elastin, the proteins responsible for youthful skin. Once collagen is damaged it becomes dry and brittle and much more vulnerable to sun damage. After the age of 35, the more sugar introduced to the bloodsteam, the more AGEs are created. Simply put . . . more sugar, more wrinkles.

Can this aging process be turned around? Fortunately, it is never too late. The body has an amazing ability to repair itself if given the proper tools. New collagen can be built up by minimizing sugar intake, supplementing the diet with at least 1 mg of Vitamins B1 And B6 and a chewable Vitamin C per day (powerful AGE inhibitors), wearing sunscreen every day, eating more fibre and anti-oxdiant rich foods (fruits, nuts, vegetables, green tea), and drinking lots of water.

Long story short, . . . watch your sugar intake because all it will do is make you feel moody, act hyper and look old. Sugar is definitely a sticky business.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Derma Rolling - Roll Back the Years

DIY Derma Rolling is an easy, at-home skin care treatment. Easy to perform, easy to tolerate, easy to recover. The device is a hand held roller with hundreds of very sharp, tiny embedded needles (medical grade stainless steel). The directions are simple . . . gently roll the device back and forth over the skin horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Slight pin pricks are felt as the roller passes over the skin, but puncturing the surface of the skin and drawing blood should be avoided. While there is no downtime with the DIY version of Derma Rolling, it is a different story when performed by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Percutaneous Collagen Induction (PCI), or Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) is a much more intense treatment using a derma roller with longer needles. There is an expected downtime of a week, or so, while the skin heals from the tiny punctures and redness. Obviously, the results with professional treatments are more profound. According to the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, "a considerable deposit of collagen and elastin in the skin six months post treatment, as well as a 40% increase in the thickness of the epidermis, was noted." The DIY treatment may be slower to show results, but the skin will definitely show an improvement over time.

How does this work? The concept is based upon the theory that damaged skin will automatically kick itself into gear and begin a natural, rejuvenating healing process. A derma rolling treatment opens up tiny micro-channels in the epidermis triggering collagen and elastin production, kicking up cell regeneration, assisting in product absorption, and smoothing out the texture of the skin. The benefits of this treatment include skin firming (minimal), reduced appearance of fine wrinkles, reduction in scarring, brightening of lackluster skin, and a boost in the overall complexion. With no negative side effects, this treatment is a perfect way to roll back the years.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The 'Ins-And-Outs' of Derma Rolling

Great video explaining Derma Rolling, aka Skin Needling, on The Rachel Ray Show.