Monday, August 31, 2009

Reiki Therapy

Reiki is the term given to a non-invasive healing technique similar to that of 'laying on of hands' based upon the premise that a life force flows within all of us. This treatment is built upon the belief that a universal life force nourishes and supports all of the organs and cells within the body. A Reiki practitioner's hands are used to channel energy from the universe through to the body to assist the healing process using pathways called chakras and meridians. It is also believed that any negative thoughts or feelings bind to our life source causing physical and emotional disturbances. Reiki begins the healing process by charging and replacing this negative energy with positive energy to strengthen and heal the life force in a powerful way.

The overall objective of Reiki is to treat the whole person . . . the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. The reported benefits relieve pain, reduce stress, boost the immune system, speed up the healing process, reduce the side effects of medication, assist in the healing of bad habits and addictions, increase spiritual awareness offering a deep sense of relaxation, peace and harmony.

*Since Reiki is a more spiritually based treatment, it is highly recommended that time is taken to carefully select a Reiki practitioner to ensure a harmonious and fruitful outcome. One hour treatments range between $75 - $90.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a traditional hands-on massage therapy based on the anatomy of the human body and the energy that flows through its muscles, organs, tissues and cells. This energy flows through 12 specific channels and pathways called meridians. Massage techniques are applied by tapping, squeezing, rubbing and applying pressure to clear the energy blockages that cause pain and a general sense of malaise.

Although the word shiatsu means finger pressure, it is so much more. Using the fingers, thumbs, palms of the hands, elbows, knees, forearms, and feet, a Shiatsu practitioner is able to release toxins from the body, increase flexibility, improve blood circulation, reduce blood pressure, reduce anxiety due to stress, increase mental awareness, increase a sense of spiritual well being and balance the flow and energy of the body, otherwise known as chi. One hour treatments typically range between $50 - $70.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage incorporates a range of techniques by applying pressure deep into the muscles using long strokes, kneading, deep circular movements, vibration, and tapping in the same direction as the flow of blood returning to the heart.

This massage is specifically designed to relax muscles, increase the flow of oxygen in the blood, release toxins from the muscles and soothe nerves. Swedish Massage has proven to be one of the most effective stress reducing treatments available. $50 - $60 for one hour - $85 for 90 minutes. As always, prices vary from spa to spa.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Spa Discounts

Can I approach the spa I go to and ask for a discount? I am tightening my budget and really don't want to give up my monthly visits because it is the only time where I am doing something just for me.

Everyone is anxious about money. It's difficult to indulge with a clear conscience and without a nervous twitch. While we agree it is a good idea to take a good long look at your personal finances, a trip to your spa is an investment in your overall health. Massages, facials, and other treatments help take the edge off these most stressful times. The good news? Spas are listening to the heartbeat of the economy and many are offering some great deals in a sincere effort to keep your business and patronage.

USA Today reports . . . "You can still go and have a spa experience without spending a ton of money," says Veronica Cole of the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa in Ojai, Calif. "Many spas, like ours, offer use of our facilities with one treatment, so you can come spend hours relaxing." Jaime Huffman of the Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa in Asheville, N.C., said more 50-minute massages have been made available recently instead of more expensive 80-minute massages. The Cliff House Resort & Spa in Ogunquit, Maine, offers a $99 spa sampler on Sundays. Booking midweek is usually cheaper than weekend trips, and spa owners suggest asking about specials like a mother-daughter discount or a family discount. Most spas have them but don't necessarily talk them up. So, don't be shy. Ask what promotions are currently running since the economy has turned and where you can stretch your dollar.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Murad Body Firming Cream

Unfortunately, not only the skin on our face ages. It is vital to give the rest of the skin some much needed attention, too. Murad's body cream offers so much more than just hydration for the skin. It also plays the role of an anti-age cream for the body because it's loaded with a bounty of beneficial ingredients. The sunflower oil and shea butter make this cream an outstanding nourishing product for the skin. These ingredients provide essential fatty acids and anti-oxidant properties while promoting healing and cell regeneration. There is soya and other peptides combined with a nice cocktail of vitamins (C,B5, E) that offer firming properties as well as boost collagen and elastin, provide anti-oxidant activity and ensure the health of the cells. Of course, to ensure a long lasting hydration effect there is algae extract (a great hydrator) and dimethicone to protect the skin and prevent moisture loss.

This cream will firm and hydrate the skin on your body. You will not only see the difference, you will feel it. For best results, use it after bathing or showering to ensure the hydration is protected and reinforced in the skin. Once applied, the beautiful creamy texture disappears almost immediately, so no oily residue to rub off on your clothes. It is packaged in an easy to use, convenient tube. Smooth move, Murad.

Monday, August 17, 2009

AminoGenesis - Cocoon Total Body Emollient

AminoGenesis is a line developed around the properties of 17 amino acids chosen for the major role they play in the creation and function of all of our cells and tissues. The Cocoon Total Body Emollient offers this amazing cocktail of amino acids, which help the skin to regenerate, heal, boost collagen and elastin production, neutralize free radicals and promote healthy tissues.

Amino acids are the building blocks of all protein structures; think of all the attention given to peptides in diets, nutrition, skin care products, DNA, collagen, elastin, etc. They are essential and offer an incredible basis for skin care products. Amino acids makeup part of the NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) in our skin, making them essential for tissue hydration as well. The skin easily assimilates these amazing amino acids as they are vital to our existence. Glycerin is hydroscopic, meaning it will attract moisture. Its presence in this incredible body moisturizer ensures hydration, as does the dimethicone.

Here we have another great hydrating body lotion, but oh, so much more. There are incredible benefits of 17 amino acids, the building blocks for all of those peptides that keep our tissues vital and young. If you want a true “anti-age” body lotion . . . this is the one. Go to their site and take advantage of the buy one/get one promotion until the end of August. Now that's a deal!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Pevonia Botanica Dry Oil Body Moisturizer

Pevonia's body oil leaves the skin feeling soft and supple without leaving any oily residue, or slick on the skin. It is loaded with some great plant and nut oils that provide those essential omegas (EFA’s) for healthy skin cells and free radical defense. The safflower, squalane and macadamia oils have similar components as our natural sebum (skin oil) allowing for a great affinity with the skin, greatly increasing the benefits of the product. These oils supply some fat soluble vitamins, A, D, and E, which are essential for healthy functioning skin and also contribute to neutralizing free radicals, calcium assimilation, cell regeneration, etc.

There are more than oils formulated into this body moisturizer. It also contains some aloe to heal and boost hydration, lavender and chamomile to sooth, calm and counter any free radical irritations. The iris extract shows great results for boosting collagen and elastin regeneration. Lovely.

For those who enjoy a good body oil - you will love this product. For those who have never used a body oil - this should definitely be on your 'to-do' list. For those who use self tanners - this is a 'wow' product to use before the self tanning application. Oh, . . . and the spray applicator makes application a breeze.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Spa Sweepstakes - Blue Diamonds "Swing for the Islands"

Blue Diamonds "Swing for the Islands" Sweepstakes
Enter by August 25th
GRAND PRIZE: One winner and guest will win a trip to Maui, Hawaii for the 2009 Kapalua LPGA Classic. Grand Prize includes: round-trip coach air transportation, seven days/six nights of hotel accommodations; seven days of car rental; LPGA to provide two tournament credentials to the 2009 Kapalua LPGA Classic; LPGA to provide two tickets to the Friday Night Awards Party being held on 10/16/09; LPGA to provide two 2009 Kapalua LPGA Classic VIP "Inside The Ropes" passes to be used on 10/17/09; one dinner cruise for two to be selected by Sponsor; a $500 spa credit; and $500 in spending money payable to the winner in the form of a pre-paid Visa gift card. Approximate Retail Value $7,070.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Spa Week - Healthy Escape Sweepstakes

Healthy Escape Sweepstakes at Six Senses Destination Spa, Phuket, Thailand
Enter by August 16th
Grand Prize: One (1) winner and one (1) guest at the Six Senses Destination Spa, Phuket, Thailand. Prize includes: accommodations for four (4) nights in Hill Pool Villa (double occupancy), full board (breakfast and fishetarian spa cuisine meals) per person, per day, one (1) private wellness consultation on an individual basis, per guest during stay, two (2) Spa treatments per guest, per day, choice of daily wellness activities that include classes, lectures and fitness programs. Approximate Retail Value - USD$9,805

Friday, August 7, 2009

Lumigan, Latisse, Jan Marini, RevitaLash

Obviously, Lumigan and Latisse are hot topics! We received so much correspondence (thanks) in response to our posts on Lumigan, Latisse Eyelash Enhancement, Jan Marini Age Intervention Eyelash Conditioner and Revita-Lash. This You Tube Video Clip answers most of your questions. Enjoy!

Beauty Editor Post - Dear Readers

Dear Readers,
We have been asked many times about our comment section, or lack thereof, and why we don't offer open discussions to help create a more connected environment. Great question. In short, we would love to. Our problem rests in our previous experience. We used to invite comments, but unfortunately got slammed by spams and so many inappropriate, x-rated comments that we simply did not have the time to deal with sorting through it all. Now that we have grown substantially we are once again looking at opening up a moderated comment section. Please let us know your thoughts on this. Your thoughts and opinions matter to us.

The only rule of thumb is that we will not tolerate negativity in any way, nor will we allow any form of cyber-bullying. Email any suggestions you may have, because after all, we are here for you. While you are at it, let us know what topics you would like us to cover in the near future, send your questions (we promise we will answer each and every one of them) and anything else we can do to make you feel right at home at Beauty Editor Post.

We are also in the middle of launching a 'members-only' Beauty Editor Post Professional Version, exclusive to Beauty Professionals within the Spa and Esthetic community. If you would like to participate send a request for membership email and we will put you on the list.

Again, thanks for your readership and support over the past few years. We have greatly appreciated it and look forward to serving you for many more to come.

Blessings, everyone!
The Staff at Beauty Editor Post

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Body Lotions, Potions, and Creams

Does the skin on your body cry out in desperation for some much needed attention? Think about the abuse it takes, . . . showers and baths with soapy cleansers, sun exposure, temperatures that are too high (or not high enough depending on the season), exercising, sweating, and being under your constant command. Surveys show that most of your time and money is being spent on pampering yourself from the neck up, forgetting all about the needs of the skin on your body. The truth is that our daily rituals are often very dehydrating, which escalates the aging process of the skin. You can certainly get away without using a body moisturizer, but in the long run, there will definitely be payback.

There is a wide array of body lotions and moisturizers to choose from. Body lotions range from light moisture sprays to thick, rich, creamy butters. Carefully choose one to suit your skin’s needs, the climate you live in, and your lifestyle. Look for one with great nourishing ingredients like shea butter, olive oil, avocado, and rose hip oil. Avoid body moisturizers with a high glycerine content. Glycerine is hygroscopic and will attract moisture, but beware, if there is not enough moisture in your environment it will actually draw moisture from the skin. Silicone ingredients can give you nice 'slip,' but don't get carried away with too much product as it will pill off in flakes or little balls. Not attractive. Sun blocks are limited in the moisturizing department as they are designed to sit on your skin and protect from UV rays. Bottom line . . . love the body you live in and take good care of it. All of it.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Spa Sweepstakes - "Win A Trip To Vegas, Baby."

Daily Candy Weekend Getaway Sweepstakes
Enter by August 6th
One "very lucky person and favorite friend" will win a 3-night stay in an Encore Tower King Suite at Wynn Las Vegas. Trip includes VIP Indulgence tickets to the Le Rêve show, Privileged Access Pass for food and beverage outlets at Wynn Las Vegas, two $100 gift certificates to the Wynn/Encore Esplanades and a consultation with a personal shopper, two signature spa treatments at The Spa at Encore, breakfast at the Society Café Encore, lunch at Wazuzu, dinner at Botero, and VIP table service at XS with one bottle of alcohol. "You gotta be in it to win it." Approximate Retail Value $3,850.