Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How much does Juvederm cost?

Juvederm, as all dermal fillers, is sold by the syringe and ranges from $450 to $900. Why such a difference in price for the same product? Geography. The top end prices are charged in high profile cities, such as Los Angeles, New York and Miami. The lower prices are paid in middle America and throughout smaller cities and towns across the country. It is reasonable to expect to buy more than one syringe, but it really depends on how much work needs to be done and what results are desired. Most treatment centers will discuss a discount the second syringe. A deal on dermal fillers? Sure, why not?

The most important decision is choosing the right physician who will inject the product properly to achieve the best possible results. As with any medical procedure, it is critical to check the physician's credentials, view a selection of before and after pictures of previous clients, and make sure a good rapport is established. Take the time during the consultation to have a clear and healthy discussion about your expectations to make sure you are both on the same page.

Note: It is a very good idea to bring a photo of yourself taken prior to the aging process to help record your natural facial alignment.