Wednesday, June 2, 2010

LED Whole Body Spa Capsule

The world's first 'all-in-one' Spa Capsule has landed. This Oxy-LED Light Spa Capsule is literally a spa within a spa and is said to be one of the finest, full body spa devices ever developed. It was designed to provide holistic, whole body treatments using light energy to help the body detoxify, cleanse, balance, relax, provide lymphatic stimulation and increase vitality and circulation while offering a "comprehensive body treatment" for weight loss.

There are 20 preset therapy programs built in the pod that offer traditional spa treatments like body contouring, vibration bed, dry thermal heat, aromatherapy/essential oil systems, oxy-oasis with 99% pure medical grade oxygen is generated into the whole body chamber for oxygenated body treatments, inhalation and oxygen facial applications. Treatments last for 30 to 100 minutes. For more information go to Global Aesthetic Solutions at