Monday, June 20, 2011


2011 Global Spa Summit reveals the following information on the Spa Industry:
• The economic turnaround is directly, positively impacting the spa and wellness industries:
• 82% predict an increase in gross revenues for 2011
• China ranks as the #1 place industry leaders would most like to expand their business (31%), followed by “other countries in Southeast Asia” (28%)
• 57% report that social media campaigns are currently driving an improvement in customers/sales, but 26% still don’t engage in any social media initiatives
• 37% report that group buying/online deal sites have driven an improvement in customers/sales, but 58% don’t participate in group buying/online deal sites, the fastest-growing online category
• Executives predict that among all spa/wellness segments over the next few years, Preventative Medicine will experience the greatest growth (44%), followed by Beauty & Cosmetic (24%)