Wednesday, October 5, 2011


As you will read in the previous post, women make over 80% of the purchasing decisions. Until recently, lipstick has been a real tell-tale of the economy. Except that sales of lipstick are on the decline. Why? Apparently, when the sales of lipstick skyrocketed, so did the prices. High prices for a tube of lipstick made a big difference. A negative one. No longer was it a reckless, little indulgence. No, the soaring prices of a good tube of lipstick gave women pause. And pause is never, ever a good thing to the sales of a "disposable" item. The truth is that women began to measure whether they could afford this lovely small luxury during a very tricky economy, or not.

Enter . . . nail polish. Nail polish has become the new, inexpensive indulgence. Nail polish sales are rocketing and have raised by a whopping 60%. It is the new affordable fashion accessory. And, why not? A wardrobe of nail polish is not going to not going to set anyone back, each polish lasts for a long time, and each color dresses up and completes a fashion statement. Inexpensively. And, beautifully. Oh yes, let us not forget . . . non toxic nail polishes are now being made without formaldehyde and the solvent, toluene, that smells like paint thinner. Nail polish has come a long way, baby!