Friday, April 25, 2008

Plastic Surgery Trends: Part 2

At the close of 2007, surgical cosmetic procedures remained relatively unchanged (0 - 1% increase) from the previous year clocking in more than 1.8 million procedures. (87% female/13% male).

The top five surgical cosmetic procedures for 2007:
Breast augmentation: 347,500 procedures (up 6%)
Liposuction: 302,000 procedures (unchanged) (89% female/11% male)
Nose Reshaping: 285,000 procedures (down 7%) (74% female/26% male)
Eyelid surgery: 241,000 procedures (up 3%) (85% female/15% male)
Tummy tuck: 148,000 procedures (up 1%) (96% female/4% male)

Although not in the top five, facelifts ranked #6 with an overall increase of 14% (up 14% female and 16% male). Women concentrated on the areas of the face and chest, but what about the men? Same regions. Facelifts, pectoral implants (up 8%) and breast reductions (up 7%). Although tummy tucks were up in 2007, a number of other body procedures were down; lower body lifts (down 17%), thigh lifts (down 28), upper arm lifts (down 6%). Could it be that an increased awareness of physical fitness is the reason? We hope so!