Wednesday, April 9, 2008

SOTHYS Secrets Global Anti-Age De-stressing Serum

Serum Category: Anti-Age
Sothys Secrets Serum is aptly described as a 'triple-action time fighter' providing exceptional clinical results - a 21% decrease in the depth of wrinkles after 15 days of use and a 26% decrease after 30 days. Skin firmness was improved by 19% after 15 days of use and 25% after 30 days.

The Secrets Serum is only for those who are 38+, looking for a concentrated formula of anti-age actives, and who are beginning to notice age related (hormone-stressed) skin. This light, creamy serum has an interesting mix of powerful peptides along with the fragrance of ylang ylang and marjoram to help the skin destress. Why is that important? A destressed skin is more receptive to other active ingredients. The Secrets Serum contains a cocktail of anti-oxidants to address free radical damage, peptides to promote cellular nutrition and function, and an iris extract to promote regeneration and longevity of dermal proteins giving the skin back some of its firmness. Sothys has incorporated two extracts from the prickly pear into this formula, one to promote natural exfoliation giving radiance to the skin and promote cell renewal, the other to trigger a neutralizing action on stresses or irritations to the skin thereby preventing the free radical activity that would normally result.

This is a very active serum that helps defend the cells against aging. Recommended for use twice a day, however, we would advise that once a day may be enough for delicate skin. A great boost especially for the perimenopausal woman. A perfect pairing for Sothys Secrets Cream. An addictive luxury's accomplice? Indeed.

1.35 oz US (40 ml Canada)