Monday, November 10, 2008

Terry Face Cloths vs Exfoliators

I am from the old school of thinking when it comes to skin care. Why can't I just use a plain, old terry face cloth to exfoliate my skin and save the money I would otherwise spend on exfoliators?

Using a face cloth to clean the skin is fine as long as it is used in gentle upward circular motions. Having said that, there are many beneficial ingredients incorporated into exfoliators that would be missed by just simply using a terry cloth. More importantly, terry face cloths cannot minimize pores, help hydrate the skin, soothe and calm the skin, draw out impurities and do not have antibacterial capabilities. We highly recommend a consistent exfoliation skin care routine using a product chosen for your particular skin type. Most exfoliators are not very expensive, and in our opinion, the results are definitely worth the money spent.

Oh, and don't forget to exfoliate your entire body. Love the skin you are in!