Friday, November 28, 2008

Vanity is Timeless - "The Lighter Side" of Beauty Secrets

During the 17th century, one of the primary ingredients used in anti-aging creams, was . . . wait for it . . . drum roll . . . dog's urine. Honest. You knew that, right? Women were advised to get up each morning and wash their faces in 'puppy water' or 'night water', more commonly known as urine.

Another popular home beauty treatment was a personal collection of urine, mixed with rosewater and lemon peels, for a special daily face wash. Further research finds Ukrainian women from the old country wiped their faces with wet, warm, baby's diapers for younger looking skin. Arabic women were known to wash their hair in camel's urine. The reason? Urine has a lot of uric acid and urea in it, both excellent hydrators. Urine is also a large source of vital nutrients and contains antibodies that cannot be duplicated or derived from any other source. As a powerful wound healer, there is no surprise it was used to control acne. Oh, and the puppy thing? Puppies only drink milk and don't eat meat. The uric concentration (and odor) increases when a more mature dog begins to eat solid food. This beauty ritual gives a whole new meaning to aroma therapy. Pee-you.