Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009/2010 - Top Five Spa Trends

Impressive statistics show that 70% of sales are represented by consumers who belong to loyalty programs and participate in members only exclusive offers. Membership programs such as VIPs, Loyalty, Customer Appreciation, Frequent Buyer, etc., are highly effective in cultivating consumer retention and encouraging a healthier bottom line. Clearly, consumers love loyalty programs.

Membership programs are becoming a popular trend in the spa community and are an effective way for management to stay connected while working hard building consumer loyalty. The membership process places the spa in an excellent position to understand their client's needs and create unmatchable value, superior service, the right mix of product and service menus. It also gives a spa an opportunity to offer members a sense of belonging and familiarity within an environment where a circle of trust and comfort is enormously important.

Spa memberships generally offer perks and rewards which may include a point system, discount cards, rewards, savings incentives, advanced notice of sales, frequency discounts, and maybe (if you are lucky) a free spa treatment on your birthday. Some are free to join and are specifically designed to keep you "in the loop", while others are based on an *annual fee and include 10 - 15% off products and services throughout the year. Where indulgence has been replaced by practicality, the membership trend is projected to evolve and thrive within the spa community.

*As with any type of signed agreement, make sure to read the fine print.