Wednesday, April 21, 2010

In Honor of Earth Day April 22nd

Total published a list of 30 simple tips to reduce your carbon footprint. The suggestions include . . .
• install a low-flow shower head and save up to 750 gallons of water per month
• shut off the water while shaving your legs and save 300 gallons of water a month, use a large bowl in your shower to catch the water as it warms up and use it to water plants
• try eco-friendly beauty products as alternatives to your standard products
• review your beauty products for ingredients that may harm your health and the environment
• try using a sunscreen with physical blockers (like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide) instead of chemicals that may be harmful to you and the environment
• steer clear of antibacterial products that contain 'triclosan' because bacteria are becoming resistant to these products and stronger bacteria are developing, which could lead to worldwide health problems
• don't toss last season's nail polish in the trash - take it to a hazardous waste disposal so it doesn't get into ground water and harm the environment
• try using eco-friendly makeup brushes that are made with sustainable bamboo handles and animal-free bristles
Join in and do your part in honor of Earth Day. Be a green machine!