Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall for Seasonal Skin Care

Fall is just around the corner. My, oh my, how time flies. Colder temperatures, cooler air, and depending on where you live, the possibility of rain and/or snow looms around the corner. Furnaces are turned on in our homes, heaters in our cars, and we all cover up for warmth. All of these things greatly affect our skin. The cooler temperatures cause a drop in the humidity leading to increased moisture loss, and the dry warmth of the furnace pitches in to finish off the job by robbing your skin's moisture levels. Sitting in a car with the heater blowing may feel warm and toasty, but it your skin into panic mode.

It is normal to have moisture move through your skin and evaporate from the skin's surface to some degree, but when the skin loses too much moisture it responds with defensive actions. For instance, oil production increases in an attempt to trap more moisture as it plays a large role in holding, or linking, moisture in the skin. The surface layer of the skin begins to thicken in an attempt to lessen the moisture loss. The result? A thicker, duller complexion with more dehydration lines, accentuated existing lines, and a definite feeling of tightness. If that is not bad enough, dehydrated skin is more susceptible to free radical damage accelerating the aging process. Do your skin a favor. Pay attention to your skin care and "switch it up" to products that will offer the best protection for the colder weather.