Monday, September 6, 2010

Spa Week Trend Watch for Fall 2010

Spa Week announced the top 12 spa treatment trends for the fall:
1. Fighting Allergies: Sinus massages, breathe-easy facials, and other treatments featuring eucalyptus, humidifiers, and lymphatic drainage techniques.
2. Bikini Glamor: Post-Brazilian waxing rituals, such as vajazzling (don't ask), vattooing, and airbrush painting.
3. Sleeping & Dreaming: Services designed to promote a good night’s sleep, such as stress solution facials, private yoga sessions, and meditation.
4. Lash Extensions: Techniques that promote eyelash thickness, length, volume, and color.
5. Instant Inch Loss: Colon hydrotherapy, Ionothermie, and other treatments that give immediate weigh-loss results.
6. Reiki and Energy Work: The demand for holistic healing and energy work that deliver health benefits ranging from spiritual growth to injury recovery.
7. Acupuncture: For both the face and the body, this technique is recommended for the treatment of more than 40 conditions ranging from anxiety to pain by the World Health Organization.
8. Botox-on-the-go: Reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
9. Hot and Cold Stone Massages: Instead of using only hot stones for a massage, the application of cold stones adds multi-dimensional stimulation.
10. Champissage: AKA Indian Head Massage is now being interpreted as a custom ritual at many spas.
11. Everything Seaweed: Treatments incorporating seaweed and seawater to detoxify the body, eliminate excess fluids, and increase blood circulation.
12. Simply Oxygen: Spa-goers will be looking for more treatments, such as oxygen facials, that incorporate this life-sustaining molecule.