Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Intensive Resurfacing Peel by Murad (4 piece)

Intensive Resurfacing Peel by Murad (4 piece) - Murad's Age Reform line. Murad's exfoliation treatment offers the benefits of glycolic (an AHA - alpha hydroxyl acid), salicylic acid (a BHA - Beta hydroxyl acid) along with a mechanical exfoliation of bamboo. This combination ensures smoother skin, diminished depth of wrinkles and fine lines, pore refinement, a radiant complexion. The exfoliation action will trigger cell regeneration and lead the way to a newer, healthier skin. Some products that offer BHA peels can be too aggressive on the skin, but in this case, Murad has included Xanthan gum to counter any irritation. Hyaluronic acid and algin (from brown algae) are powerful hydrators and are included in the formula to ensure skin hydration coupled with the efficiency of the AHA, which is more effective on hydrated skin.

It is important when applying active products on your skin to counter any possible irritation, or inflammation, as these are stressors on the skin and indicate free radical damage. This product offers a cocktail of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients that will ensure healthy resurfacing and renewal of the skin. These include vitamin C and E, from different sources along with licorice extract (improves the appearance of dry and damaged skin) and other anti-inflammatory botanicals. These ingredients will not only brighten and renew your skin, but will boost those great serums and creams you apply and amp up the penetration.