Wednesday, February 6, 2013

ISPA Spa Industry Survey

ISPA conducts a survey each year focusing on five key statistics in the spa industry. The results of their 2012 Spa Industry Study clearly shows the spa industry is growing at a healthy rate in revenues and visits.

~ full time employment rose an estimated 9.3% from 149,200 to 163,100
~ part time employment dropped -4.3% from 134,200 to 128,500
~ contract employment dropped -13.4% from 55,200 to 47,800
~ revenues are up 4.5% from $12.8 billion to $13.4 billion
~ spa Visits are up 4.1% from 150 million to to 156 million
~ prices have remained stable
~ square Footage rose 0.8% from 76 million to 77 million square feet

83% of all spas made changes to their businesses during the economic crisis.  More treatments were added to spa menus including shorter treatments to help clients manage their tight schedules and their shrinking pocketbooks.  It also appears there was quite a significant increase in retail product offerings along with a few changes in the professional skin care lines and products offered.  In this case, change is good ~ it unlocks stagnant businesses and increases creativity to overcome a relatively slow recovery in consumer spending.