Friday, April 1, 2011

Meladerm® Skin Lightening Product

Meladerm® has most definitely risen in popularity as a very effective skin lightener/brightener. The formula boasts 10 active ingredients obtained from natural extracts such as Mulberry, Licorice, Lemon, Emblica (Indian Gooseberry) and Bearberry plants (Apha Arbutin). This product also contains Kojic Acid which offers antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties derived from the fermentation process used to make japanese wine, aka sake. What is most impressive about Meladerm® is what is not on the list of ingredients . . . no hydroquinone, no parabens, no mineral oil, no mercury, no steroids and no harmful bleaching agents.

Meladerm® is used for hyperpigmentation, livers and sun spots, freckles, sun damage, birthmarks, acne marks, scars and uneven skin tones. The product is applied twice daily (morning and evening) and should be left for ten minutes before applying any makeup or other skin creams. A good SPF 30 cream should be used along with the product. Meladerm's® efficiency can be heightened by using a good exfoliation routine along side a healthy, daily skin care routine. Initial results are generally noted after 2 weeks with full results around the second or third month of dedicated use depending on the specific physiology of each individual's skin.