Monday, April 4, 2011


Is the economy still getting you down? Have you cut back on non-essential services in your personal life? It's unfortunate that during a time of major financial cutbacks, when stress is at an all time high, services that help reduce stress and restore health go straight out the window. Well, hold onto your heart monitors everyone, we have great news for you. Spa Week begins next week.

Participating spas in North America will be offering a selection of full length signature services for a deep discounted flat rate of $50. That's right, $50. Considering that most spa treatments run between $100 - $200, it's almost financially irresponsible to ignore. So go ahead, go to, locate a spa in the directory, and book a relaxing, stress-busting massage, or facial, and save big time. In our opinion, Spa Week is seven glorious days dedicated to guilt free, affordable luxuries. And that, friends, is music to our ears.