Monday, May 9, 2011


Myth: Day cream vs night cream - only one will do.
It is true that many creams can be used as a day cream and a night cream, unless you are trying to work on specific skin care needs, or have creams formulated with ingredients specified as day or night use only. There are several reasons for am/pm directions. For example, some creams contain a lot of titanium dioxide, or other sun protecting ingredients, which should be kept for daytime use only. Others may have ingredients that sensitize the skin, or oxidize themselves if exposed to UV, and are therefore better used as night creams.

More importantly, the skin is twice as active at night in regenerating, detoxifying and building up anti-oxidants to defend against the stresses it faces during the day. The increase in micro-circulation also ensures better availability and use of product ingredients at night. If you are using a cream that does not specify day or night only, it can be used both am and pm, . . . the day for protection, hydration, offering specific ingredients for your skin (the skin will still use the “goodies” just not as efficiently as at night) and at night to help the skin refuel, regenerate, and rebuild. We strongly recommend a good, solid specific cream designated for night time repairs. Remember, you may be sleeping, but your skin is doing double time.