Monday, July 25, 2011

Lucrèce Physicians Aesthetic Research

Premier Peptide Serum (ultra-potent anti-wrinkle serum)
"Originally, peptides (mostly found in Argireline & Matrixyl) became a tremendous success as studies continued to show that they were not only more effective for fighting wrinkles and stimulating the skin’s natural collagen, but that peptides exposed the skin to far less trauma than retinols or glycolic acid. As peptide technology continues to revolutionize skin care, we’re taking advantage of every opportunity to ensure our clients have access to the most advanced, result-oriented anti-aging products available."

"Originally designed to prepare and increase the skins receptiveness to our Professional Peptide Peel, the Premier Peptide Serum has gone on to become our most powerful anti-wrinkle product for year-round home care due to its high concentration and diversity of peptides. Composed of a total concentration of 65% peptides, the Premier Peptide Serum is a state of the art facial serum expertly formulated to reduce the signs of aging, energizing mature skin."