Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What is Intelligent Skin Care?
Scientifically, skin care ingredients are moving ahead as fast as medicine and medications, and often the science overlaps. Millions of dollars, if not billions, are being spent on research and development for intelligent ingredients. The goal is not to replace skin components, but to make the skin repair, regenerate and detoxify itself more efficiently, in other words, function more like a young skin than a tired, mature one. For example, we cannot replace collagen, but we can trigger the fibroblasts to make collagen. We can also slow down the function of the enzymes that degrade our natural collagen. The science is becoming so specific that some key peptides can trigger the DNA to repair itself quicker, even before more damage occurs. This is great news because as we age DNA gets slower at repairing itself and the more damaged it becomes the less likely the cells will regenerate. Science is working hard at discovering the mechanics of time, and in some cases, erasing it. This may be the key for those who are counting on skin care science to restore a more youthful presence.