Monday, May 20, 2013

Dermalogica's Dynamic Skin Recovery

Dermalogica has just improved upon one of its top-selling moisturizers . . . AGE smart Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50.  The medium-wight daily moisturizer has a new formula with a higher SPF factor (formerly 30) which comes thanks to advanced Oleosome technology.  Oleosomes are naturally occurring spheres of emollient oils and Vitamin E found in safflower seeds.  They deliver active ingredients directly to the skin's surface and prevent unwanted oiliness or chalkiness in the product.

Dynamic Skin Recovery aims to reduce hyperpigmentation and contains a patented polypeptide which encourages collagen synthesis. The antioxidant white tea polyphenols work to regulate collagen degradation, a licorice root extract acts as a calming agent, and hyaluronic acid and algae extracts help combat fine lines and stimulate natural exfoliation for smoother skin.