Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Update: Lipstick and Lead

Mother Jones reported the FDA conducted two follow-up studies (2009 and 2012) which resulted in finding "much more lead, up to 7.19 parts per million, in the lipstick samples tested. The image shown here show the top 20 lead-containing lipstick from the FDA's 2012 review of 400 lipstick shades.  Many were shocked to discover that the line of Burt's Bees, who brands themselves as a "natural" product is now owned by Clorox . . . yes, as in Clorox Bleach.

Below you will note statistics from an post written and published a few years ago clearly showing that some of these cosmetic companies have actually increased the amount of lead in lipsticks over the years instead of finding ways to lessen the hazardous ingredients in their brands of lipsticks.