Saturday, February 2, 2008

Skin Care Turf War

Beauty Editor Post is one of the new kids on the Beauty Blogger Block. This blog will discuss and explore the colossal skin care turf war that stimulates an annual ticket of well over $6 billion in sales. $6 billion! The offerings of the anti-aging skin care market is anything but clear. The vast selections only serve to confuse consumers who know what they need but are uncertain as to what product will deliver the desired effect. This blog will attempt to break down and simplify professional anti-aging skin care products, talk about what is hot, what is not, what is worth the money and what is a waste of money, answer any questions you may have, and hopefully, have a little fun. The writers at Beauty Editor may be new to the world of blogging, but they are certainly not new to the world of skin care. They are career professionals in the skin care industry and are willing to share a treasure chest of invaluable insider's information. So, stay tuned and keep coming back. Oh, and, to be clear, there won't be much time spent on the makeup side of things - lipsticks, mascaras foundations, etc. There are many, very competent and incredibly entertaining beauty bloggers out there in the blogosphere to which we will supply links.