Monday, February 11, 2008


Women 38+ will appreciate not only the result and function of this cream, but the sheer pleasure of its texture and glide. The key active ingredient is 'Tex-OE' from prickly pear, an ingredient that triggers the skin to neutralize the negative effects of stress, or free radical damage, in a couple of hours. This is the normal time frame for younger women to process damage due to stress, but as hormone levels start to change the proteins in the skin responsible for this activity may take up to eight hours. The result? Slow cellular repair, slow regeneration and increased degeneration, all culprits of aging. Sothys Secrets offers a powerful cocktail of anti-oxidants to accompany Tex-OE, including the peel of an apple, peptides to trigger collagen renewal, and iris extract to increase and protect the dermal proteins (collagen and elastin). Marjoram and ylang ylang are responsible for the fragrance and add to the destressing effects of this velvety textured cream. An addictive luxury? In a word, . . . yes.
Available exclusively in Spas and Salons.
Price: $199 for 1.69 oz/(50ml Canada)

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After I turned 40 my skin started to age more than ever. It might be that I have been taking a closer look but I think I am beginning to wear my age and stress levels. Will Secrets help?

Beauty Editor:
40 is that magical age where age knocks is definitely knocking at your door, . . . which, by the way, is not a bad thing. It is our strong belief that beauty truly comes with age and wisdom. Aging is also directly related to how well you take care of yourself. Remember, it takes the 40+ group four times longer than a younger person to recover from stress triggered by emotions, moisture loss, diet, environment, hormones, lack of sleep, not protecting the skin from UV exposure. You name it, you wear it. Secrets is a luxurious weapon to have in your skin care tool box to help mitigate damage done and combat future problems.