Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Urban Luxury: 24K Gold Facial

Cleopatra slept in a mask of gold every night. The Queen of the Ch'ing Dynasty had gold rolled on her face everyday. Spas are now taking Cleopatra's lead. Pure gold facials are being offered in specialty spas around the world. 24K gold is used exclusively as 14K and 18K gold contain other materials and metal which may prove toxic or cause skin problems. The application process is accompanied by Gamma PGA, a 100% natural fermentation product of the soy protein, which claims to be 10 times more hydrating than hyaluronic acid (retains moisture like a sponge) and more elastic than collagen. An ultra sonic mist with water droplets seven times smaller than a traditional steamer is used to penetrate and soften the top layer of the skin creating an perfect environment for moisture absorption.

This treatment is said to exfoliate and refine the skin, increase blood flow, stimulate cellular growth, regenerate healthy cells and provide a tightening effect, all the while, fighting free radicals. The jury is still out on this treatment. Unfortunately, there is no current supportive data showing any benefit when gold is applied topically to the skin. What is definite is that the 24K gold facial certainly takes pampering to a whole new level. Your pockets better be lined with gold as this treatment costs $400