Friday, May 16, 2008

Press Releases: Product Launches

JAN MARINI SKIN RESEARCH announces Age Intervention® Enlighten face lotion with Retinol to "target stubborn facial discoloration and provide a more refined, resurfaced and illuminated facial texture."

"Women often associate fine lines and wrinkles with aging but discoloration is an even more visual sign of the aging process," explains Jan Marini, President and CEO of Jan Marini Research. "Age Intervention® Enlighten is an exceptional brightening technology with de-aging agents that result in refined, rejuvenated and illuminated skin."

The Press Release further states that Age Intervention® Enlighten, "contains a combination of two exceptional topical agents that address the appearance of facial discoloration, . . . and includes Retinol, a superior retinoid that discourages the production of excess melanin and assists in resolving the appearance of existing facial discoloration." Poof, the end of facial discoloration and stubborn hyperpigmentation. Enlighten is offered in a 1 oz. pump bottle.


EMINENCE ORGANICS will be launching their new Mango Night Cream on June 1st.

Eminence's new Mango Night Cream will help combat aging, especially for dehydrated, devitalized skin. Mango offers many great benefits for the skin as it provides a rich mixture of anti-oxidants, unsaturated fats, essential fatty acids (omegas) and phytonutrients, including vitamins and minerals. The Vitamin C, copper and amino acids offered in mango are part of the essential components needed for collagen synthesis.

Eminence combined the juice of the mango with the properties of Homeostatine® (marine algae, Tara Tree), inhibiting enzymes that degrade collagen, while increasing fibrolast activity responsible for the production of elastin and collagen activity and maintains the integrity of the skin.

The Biocoplex™ provides the rich anti-oxidant cocktail Eminence is known for. The shea butter and Vitamin A ensure healthy cellular regeneration and the healing white grape seed oil and coconut milk will keep the skin feeling soft and supple. This is an anti-aging cream to put on your radar.


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