Monday, May 12, 2008

SONYA DAKAR Ultraluxe 9 Age Control Complex

SONYA DAKAR specializes in "beautiful faces with problematic skin" with a "beauty boot camp philosophy.” Boot camp, indeed. Initially, one of the ingredients in this formula jumps out and overshadows the others making it rather hard to ignore. The ingredient? Synthetic snake venom. Yes, synthetic snake venom, used for its botox-like effects. For obvious reasons, our next post will be dedicated to an exploration of this ingredient and its use. Stay tuned.

Synthetic snake venom aside, Ultraluxe 9 Age Control Complex offers a nice blend of different peptides to stimulate and promote elastin (firmness) and collagen (less wrinkles) as well as a bountiful concoction of plant oils that target nourishment and hydration. The plant oils also provide the essential fatty acids needed to ensure the health of every cell membrane, and along with Vitamin E, function as anti-oxidants. This is a very good thing. The addition of lecithin ensures better penetration of the ingredients while supporting the antioxidant function of vitamin E.

The source of vitamin C chosen for this cream is one of the best and works hard at reinforcing the Vitamin E’s antioxidant capabilities (by 50 times). Ceramides are used to maintain hydration, which is vital in the protection and well being of the skin. This cream may not offer sufficient emolliency for very dry skin, (or for those who like the feel of a cream on their skin), but it certainly offers powerful anti-age ammunition. If you are thinking of undergoing light therapy for your skin, this product may be one to consider using to reinforce your results.