Monday, March 4, 2013

Q &A: Manicure and Pedicure Spas - Sanitary Safety

Q. How do I make sure to avoid any potential risks related to services at nail and pedicure spas?

A. There are a few things we can suggest to help alleviate any safety concerns you may have. Did you know spas are required to keep cleanliness and sterilization logs customers can review upon request? Other than that, make sure to take a careful look at the condition of the spa, check for a valid license and ask about their sterilization policies. After all, it is your right to insist upon an ultra clean environment. Cleanliness is directly proportionate to the end result.

• Insist on brand new nail files (single use) before your manicure - reusing files from client to client is not OK.
• Foot baths are to be cleaned after each customer by a government approved solution for 10 minutes to eradicate any debris, microbacteria, or fungus that might be lurking in the bath or on the screen.
• All stainless steel utensils are to be sterilized after every use and are repackaged and labelled as sterilized. Nail tables are also to be disinfected between each client. Sterilization techniques vary, but generally include the following . . . germicidal soak, high temperatures and medical grade steam.
• Do not shave or wax your legs 24 hours before a pedicure treatment.

If you always make sure to follow these few rules, you can continue to enjoy spa services wherever you choose. The basic rule is, if in doubt, turn around and walk out!