Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thalgo Eye Massage Mask

Thalgo, widely known as a leader in marine based skin care launched a unique anti-aging Eye Massage Mask highly effective in targeting wrinkles, eye puffiness, and dark circles.  Each 30 minute treatment menu offers a programmable series of movements prescribed to address each client's needs that include . . .
• Temporal Pressotherapy Massage - massages the temples and temporal points with acupuncture pressure utilizing four different types of air pressure to help drain, decongest, relax and plump the eye area resulting in an overall anti-fatigue effect.
• Massage Digito-Pressure - massages the eye area and acupuncture points located around the eye area using air pressure with four types of digito-pressure massages used keeping the eye area relaxed and anti-stressed.
Massage by Dynamic Vibrations - stimulates the eye contour area with ten different modes of rippling and pulsing movements, helping smooth fine lines and reduce dark circles.
• Music Therapy - four different calming musical tracks carefully chosen by Thalgo to impart a peaceful relaxation experience during each treatment.
• Thermal Diffusion - gently warms and cools the eye area to improve lymphatic microcirculation and improve absorption of ingredients offering a feeling of relaxation and well-being.

Thalgo has also released three new eye care products, Collagen Eye Roll-On, Hyaluronic Eye Patch Masks and Silicium Eye Cream to compliment their line and work with the Eye Massage Mask Treatments. Call any Thalgo professional for an appointment and indulge. Email us for a list of Thalgo spas and salons in your area.