Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Green Tea and Skin Care

There were interesting results revealed during a study of 40 women in a research project. All the women in this particular study had moderate photo-aging (damage to the skin resulting from a lifetime of sun exposure). Each were given a combination of 10% strength green tea cream and 300 mg. twice daily of a green tea oral supplement. At the conclusion of eight weeks the investigative grading of skin biopsies confirmed "significant improvement in the elastic tissue content."

As with most skin care products, those made with green extracts depend on the competency of the manufacturing company and the research their products are built upon. There are concerns that when green tea extracts are formulated into a skin care cream, or lotion, the polyphenols (the nutritional antioxidants) oxidize when exposed to air. Not a good thing. Hence, the jury is still out on this one. There are considerable amounts of research being conducted on the power of antioxidants and their great contribution to our health . . . and there are those who are certain that science will prove that green tea extract's antioxidant abilities will reign supreme. Tea anyone?