Monday, December 15, 2008

Spa Week Gift Card Specials

Our Editors have received more emails about saving money than any other topic this year. The downturn in the economy has taken a painful bite out of everyone's wallet in one way or another. Spa lovers want to know if there are any real deals out there. Previous posts outline several money saving tips, but there are other great resources. was launched in 2003 by founder and entrepreneur extraordinaire, Cheryl Reid, in a sincere effort to make sure a trip to the spa is an affordable luxury for everyone. The Spa Week Gift Card is an example of a great deal offering a 20% savings. Until December 22nd a $100 Spa Week Gift Card costs only $80.00. Bookmark their site because they have a variety of spa treats throughout the year.

Spa Week also offers a plethora of savings in spas across the US on their steals and deals page, a healthy selection of product giveaways, . . . and a beautiful 2.22 carat diamond eternity band. So, what are you waiting for? Go have a look for yourself. Enjoy!