Friday, December 12, 2008

Top Five Trends in Spas - Stress Busters & Brain Power Boosters

Spas are developing new stress reduction programs to promote an unimpaired state of relaxation. Meditation, guided visual imagery and sleep therapy are showing up on spa menus across the nation. Mind, body and soul programs offer immediate nourishment. Brain power boosters are becoming popular treatments that cater to a vast aging population, as well as those suffering from stress related cognitive impairment.

Stress is responsible for the majority of illnesses and heart attacks. It also increases irritability, destroys concentration, threatens cognitive abilities, disrupts coping skills and ruins emotional wellness. The amount of mental activity generated throughout the day is staggering, all of which, is accentuated with imagery and colored by emotions. Balance is key to maintaining your cool. It requires healthy thoughts, rebooting thinking power and running interference on all of the negatives we are hit with every day.

Don't allow yourself to become unhinged. Relaxation is the key to unwinding frazzled nerves. Healthy brain power kick starts healthy emotions. Healthy emotions are good for the heart. A happy heart creates a sense of fulfillment that spills over onto others. The 'power of one' can change the world, . . . one person at a time.