Monday, December 29, 2008

THALGO Absolute Rehydrating Serum

Thalgo's quick penetrating serum is a fresh gel that awakens dull tired skin with a burst of moisture and vitality. It is applied and followed by your moisturizing cream twice a day for best results.

This serum will offer a cumulative effect over a few weeks of application, however, you will feel and see an improvement even after a few days, just in time to bring in the New Year. It grants the deep hydrating properties of a few different types of algae to help rebalance the moisture levels in the skin by enhancing the natural mechanisms to prevent moisture loss and improve cellular cohesion. Remember, the more moisture you can keep in your skin the more you protect the collagen fibers, and consequently, the less free radical damage your skin will suffer, . . . not to mention a more even skin tone and fewer lines.

There are other plant extracts included in this treasure. Prunus persica, peach fruit extract, offers anti-oxidant properties due to the high vitamin C content and potassium to reinforce hydration. Imperata Cylindrica, a member of the grass family, also makes potassium available to boost moisture absorption and trigger collagen synthesis.

This product is simple to add to your routine and such an easy way to give your skin a boost and finish off 2008 glowing. Look for it in the 2008 Thalgo Gift Set. Your skin will thank you.