Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Those born under the sign of the Ox are not fans of stress, or the feeling of being overwhelmed. Pretty much everyone is feeling the crunch. Spas are a necessary luxury to help reduce the negative effects of stress while offering a safe place to simply breathe. Spas designed with harmony and nature in mind may find themselves doing better than those nestled in the shadows of a big, noisy city. Why? Oxen graze in wide open, green spaces where meditation and relaxation are abundantly accessible.

There should be a tremendous surge in the green movement in all businesses during this period of time, fashion and beauty included. Excellent customer service is critical during the Year of the Ox. Compassion for the challenges we all face, the need for a peaceful respite, and a creative flair for structuring new mini-services and treatments for those who really wish to continue their services but need to cut back on their spending. These things will go a long way for everyone at the (and on the) table. This can be a very rewarding time of give and take, back and forth, foundational growth and unity.