Monday, August 17, 2009

AminoGenesis - Cocoon Total Body Emollient

AminoGenesis is a line developed around the properties of 17 amino acids chosen for the major role they play in the creation and function of all of our cells and tissues. The Cocoon Total Body Emollient offers this amazing cocktail of amino acids, which help the skin to regenerate, heal, boost collagen and elastin production, neutralize free radicals and promote healthy tissues.

Amino acids are the building blocks of all protein structures; think of all the attention given to peptides in diets, nutrition, skin care products, DNA, collagen, elastin, etc. They are essential and offer an incredible basis for skin care products. Amino acids makeup part of the NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) in our skin, making them essential for tissue hydration as well. The skin easily assimilates these amazing amino acids as they are vital to our existence. Glycerin is hydroscopic, meaning it will attract moisture. Its presence in this incredible body moisturizer ensures hydration, as does the dimethicone.

Here we have another great hydrating body lotion, but oh, so much more. There are incredible benefits of 17 amino acids, the building blocks for all of those peptides that keep our tissues vital and young. If you want a true “anti-age” body lotion . . . this is the one. Go to their site and take advantage of the buy one/get one promotion until the end of August. Now that's a deal!