Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Murad Body Firming Cream

Unfortunately, not only the skin on our face ages. It is vital to give the rest of the skin some much needed attention, too. Murad's body cream offers so much more than just hydration for the skin. It also plays the role of an anti-age cream for the body because it's loaded with a bounty of beneficial ingredients. The sunflower oil and shea butter make this cream an outstanding nourishing product for the skin. These ingredients provide essential fatty acids and anti-oxidant properties while promoting healing and cell regeneration. There is soya and other peptides combined with a nice cocktail of vitamins (C,B5, E) that offer firming properties as well as boost collagen and elastin, provide anti-oxidant activity and ensure the health of the cells. Of course, to ensure a long lasting hydration effect there is algae extract (a great hydrator) and dimethicone to protect the skin and prevent moisture loss.

This cream will firm and hydrate the skin on your body. You will not only see the difference, you will feel it. For best results, use it after bathing or showering to ensure the hydration is protected and reinforced in the skin. Once applied, the beautiful creamy texture disappears almost immediately, so no oily residue to rub off on your clothes. It is packaged in an easy to use, convenient tube. Smooth move, Murad.