Wednesday, October 28, 2009

MATIS PARIS Le Cou Enriched Neck Cream

Macadamia oil has a great affinity with the skin as the composition is similar to sebum which allows soothing and nourishing hydration properties. It also gives this neck cream a beautiful creamy texture without leaving a heavy feeling on the skin. Other interesting botanical ingredients help promote collagen synthesis and moisture absorption which result in the skin on the neck being revived.

There are even a few ingredients like cecropia obtusa bark extract to help work against the build up of fatty tissue under the chin, otherwise known as the dreaded 'waddle'. The elderberry extract and tannic acid will help fade pigmentations and tone and smooth the skin. This cream is loaded with vitamins A, E, C, B’s and minerals like potassium and copper. It will help provide the necessities for cellular regeneration and repair of the skin, including those oh so important dermal proteins to firm and promote the elasticity of the skin. The polyphenols and vitamins also provide a nice cocktail of anti-oxidants to protect from further degradation (aging) caused by free radical damage. You will see results with this product, especially if you apply from the decolette up the neck and slightly over the jaw line.