Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pevonia - Spa Vitamins Product Launch - Feb. 15th

Through extensive scientific research and clinical studies, Pevonia is now able to ensure faster, more visible results through its latest launch, Power Repair® Spa Vitamins, hitting shelves February 15. Get on the pathway to optimized energy and health with Power Repair® Spa Vitamins’ proprietary blend of powerhouse ingredients. Resveratrol, a highly active antioxidant known for its unparalleled anti-aging benefits; Extramel, a melon extract known for speeding up fat processing and counteracting inflammation; and Anthocyanins, powerful phyto-nutrients that protect cells from free radical damage, make up the custom blend found in each of the five Spa Vitamins.

AccuMind™ (promotes cerebral health and wellness), LipoRefine™ (prevents fat storage accumulation under the skin), ClariPlex™ (fights blemish formation and prevents scarring), Youth Renew™ (supports youthful, radiant skin and supports healthy immune and cardiovascular systems), and the PevoVitale™ De-Aging Vitamin Drink (increases energy, prolongs vitality, and enhances mental function) provide specified nutritional blends for unparalleled results. Sold in boxes of easy-to-use packets, these vitamins complement any Pevonia skincare regimen and take results to brand new heights.