Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The Tiger is born to lead. Commanding and bold, warm hearted and fearsome, charming and charismatic, honest and dynamic, independent and determined, exciting and adventurous, authoritative and clever. Tigers are known for their sharpness and speed, and are always courageous in the face of danger. The cat's counter productive behavior? Short-tempered, stubborn, disobedient.

Last year's plodding and careful cultivation of the Ox is definitely a thing of the past. The Tiger brings rapid change, and with that comes a bit of turbulence. Flexibility and adaptability are key to surviving the quick pace of the year under the Tiger's influence. Opportunities will quickly come and go. Strong instincts and energy will be required to effectively seize the moment. Businesses will succeed when led by rigorous determination, strategic planning and uncompromising follow-through.

The 2010 Tiger will be a year of new beginnings, change, and renewal. It presents a year of high energy, technical advances, innovations and a level of unpredictability that always leads to a little drama. Although restlessness may be rampant, the Tiger's optimistic nature and fighting spirit keeps the ball rolling in the right direction. This year presents a unique opportunity to attack difficult personal issues with courage and passion, and successfully accomplish difficult challenges. Tigers tend to be a little more reactive than proactive, so it is important to realize this is not the year for spontaneous reactions, but one for thoughtful actions. Big cat instincts and the readiness to leap must be replaced with mindful timing. During 2010, it is far better to sit back in the weeds and wait rather than attacking each situation. The theme of this year? Ponder before you pounce.