Friday, February 19, 2010


The Tiger is a charismatic symbol of beauty and power. Since the Tiger greatly influences innovations and technical progress, the world of skin care and cosmetics can expect to see many new scientific advances offering new ways to accomplish complexion perfection. The Tigress represents on-the-prowl-drama-queen glamor with an emphasis on function and speed. These traits place a demand for no-fuss, no-muss beauty. This big-cat beauty trend will also see sleek and convenient product packaging this year.

The Tiger is known to be notoriously moody with a hair trigger temper. That said, don't be surprised when psychology and cosmetics pair up as their own dynamic duo and market a wide variety of mood enhancing skin care and makeup, a.k.a. neurocosmetics. These products incorporate ingredients to nourish the skin while balancing temperaments through calming, or stimulating, the neurotransmitters in the brain. Aromatherapy (scent), chromotherapy (color), and vitamins are being formulated in the beauty market to effectively alter moods, increase or decrease energy levels, reduce stress, and add a sense of well-being to an otherwise rip-roaring day. Mood boosting beauty? You bet!

Tigers sprawl out and lounge all day long on the banks of rivers, ponds, and lakes. These lazy sunbathers may not need protection from the sun, but we do. Sun protection technology will offer all of us more time to luxuriate safely in the great outdoors. A solid overall health care routine is essential to boost and maintain energy since the height of all feline activity is during the day. Tigers engage in storage eating . . . binging one full day and then cutting back for the balance of the week to keep trim and lean. Take notice of these ferocious felines and enjoy a feast-fest one day a week and then focus on a healthy eating program. At the end of each day, choose great night care products to do the heavy lifting while you get your beauty sleep and rest up for life's daily hunt.

Change is the name of the Tiger's game. It is a perfect time to personally switch things up, get a new hairdo, investigate a new color palette, shape new brows, and most definitely upgrade your skin care. Throw out the old things that no longer do the trick anymore. Bright, bold colors, smokey eyes, tiger stripe eyeliners, sleek looks are very much the beauty focus of this year. The year of the Tiger is not a year to be part of the pack . . . no . . . Tigers are too independent to blend into a crowd. They prefer a more solitary lifestyle or will roam in small gatherings. 2010 is the year where identifying your own individuality is key. In true form, no two tigers are exactly alike. Singular purrrrrfection!