Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Sothys offers a two part cosmeceutical for those who are serious about changing their skin, not only by promoting cell regeneration, but for boosting the health of the cells through a renewal process. Research on the Sothys C-Renewal line shows a significant boost in the pool of healthy cells. And that, dear friends, is a very good thing.

The Double Renewal System is made up of two products specifically focused on detoxifying, repairing and reconstructing the skin. The target specific glycolic acid promotes cell renewal, exfoliation, and brightening the complexion. Quercetine flavonoids decongest the skin, rice phytosterols repair, and water lilly soothes. The trademarked ingredient, H2CR™, is composed of two peptides and an antioxidant more powerful than vitamin E. These powerhouse ingredients trigger a great line of defense protecting the cells from damage caused by free radicals and then get on with the serious business of repair. If all of this sounds impressive, . . . that is because it is.

The Double Renewal System contains two products to be used on clean skin at night. Apply the Peeling Serum (step 1) and the Comfort Solution (step 2) on top of it. While you sleep your skin will be detoxified, repaired, and rejuvenated and a difference should be noted by morning. Of course, for best results use the products nightly for 4 weeks. Our recommendation? This simple-to-use product gets two thumbs straight up.