Monday, March 15, 2010


It's what you won't find in Tatcha Blotting Papers that we find to be refreshing. You won't find papers made of pulp that will eventually scratch your skin. You won't find built in fragrances that have the potential to cause skin irritations and inflamations. You won't find sheets of blotting papers coated with talc or powders that will "ghost out" your complexion. And, you won't find any mineral oil, or petroleum for that matter.

We won't take your time explaining why geishas were devotees of blotting papers, or how the abaca leaf is pounded so perfectly thin that it becomes greater in strength and absorbency. We won't throw around statistics stating that 75% of Japanese High School girls keep blotting papers in their school bags proving that blotting papers are useful for all age groups. We won't explain that all the money in the world can't control the shine on your face quite like a great blotting paper, or how easy it is to periodically 'blot' instead of a complete redo. We won't harp on the fact that one good blotting paper can be your best friend when it comes to to keeping your makeup fresh throughout the day. And, we certainly won't tell you to use the blotting papers that toilet seat covers are made of!

What we will tell you is that Tatcha Blotting Papers honor a 300 year old beauty secret, proving the theory that sometimes wonderful things do come in small packages. Tatcha offers 30 sheets of small, translucent squares (3.75") of surprisingly thin blotting paper neatly packaged in a clever folded paper pouch. They are a handmade, all natural, biodegradable, beautifying treat. Lovely.