Monday, August 8, 2011


Does the use of Alpha Hydroxy Acids increase the risk of skin cancer?
There has been a fair amount of buzz, and perhaps a little bit of negative press, regarding AHAs and cancer. To date, no studies have found a credible correlation between products that contain Alpha Hydroxy Acid and cancer. There is, however, the distinct warning that Alpha Hydroxy Acids may make the skin more sensitive to the sun, and everyone knows that too much unprotected exposure to the sun has the potential to cause skin cancer. A word of caution, however. High concentrations of glycolic acid are being sold on the internet in home exfoliation/peel DIY kits. If the concentration is too high, or the product is improperly used, there is a very real possibility of burning the skin which could result in permanent damage. As always, do your homework. Leave this type of skin care in the safe hands of your estheticians and/or dermatologists. It is better to be safe than sorry.