Friday, August 19, 2011


Launching October 2011 . . .
Sensitive and overly reactive skin is often the result of the breakdown of the skin’s natural defenses. To relieve and combat the side effects of sensitive skin, Guinot has introduced the Hydra Sensitive Face Mask, an in-depth treatment that immediately works to reinforce the skin’s natural defenses while also calming and soothing common irritations such as tingling, pulling, heat, and redness.

The Hydra Sensitive Mask uses scientifically effective ingredients such as…
- Vitamin E and sweet almond oil work to immediately strengthen and reinforce skin, specifically developing the skin’s cutaneous barrier function and the hydro-lipid film to fight off the effects of external aggressors, (UV radiation, pollution and micro-organisms, as well as internal causes of sensitivity, such as stress).
- Lymphokinine complex, made of chamomile extract, oak, and Epaline (a fatty acid), works to calm and soothe irritation deep beneath the skin’s surface.
- Centella asiatica plant extract, an herbaceous plant found in India, Sri Lanka, northern Australia, and Indonesia, also works to calm and soothe irritation from within the deepest layers of the skin.