Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2013 Top Spa Trends - Authentic Ayurveda and Other Ancient Revivals

Authentic Ayurveda is an ancient, 'science-of-life' wellness system based upon the three doshas;
1. vata (air and space) - cool, thin body, dry skin, circulation issues, active lifestyle, sensitive to stress
2. pitta (fire and water) - warm, healthy body style, active mentally and physically, even balance
3. kappa (water and earth) - larger body, weight issues, smooth skin,  inactive lifestyle

Ayurveda practitioners work on the theory that we are a combination of all three doshas, with one of two dominating the other(s). An imbalance of doshas is believed to cause an overall imbalance that greatly contributes to problematic health issues. During a consultation, your dosha will be determined and a diet and lifestyle consultation will be prescribed. Many Ayurveda spa treatments are available to help achieve great self awareness with respect to personal wellness such as; Indian Head Massage, Rhythmic Herbal Oil Treatments, Lymphatic Stimulation and Drainage, Deep Tissue Massage, Facials using ayurvedic herbs and oils, Muscle Detox, Eye Soothing Treatments, Dosha Balancing Massage, and a variety of Sinus Treatments.

Ayurveda and other ancient wellness systems are definitely finding their way onto spa menus with treatments ranging from Chinese medicine to address medical issues, Turkish Hammam BathTreatments with massage treatments offering steam and a combination of jasmine, mint and lemon essential oils, and Russian Baths with differing temperatures of hot and cold used to ease the throat and feed the skin. Yes, ancient spa rituals around the world are definitely making a comeback.