Friday, January 25, 2013

2013 Top Spa Trends - Color Self-Expression

Self expression gets a great big voice in the 'no guts, no glory' color craze of 2013. If you have something to say this year, say it with color. Be wild and free, trendy and cool, conservative and chic, or bold and beautiful. Bright red lips, simmering rich earth tones, smoldering deep blue metallics, neon brights, and for those shy souls . . . creamy, linen pastels.  

The big color this season is Poppy Red . . . big, bold, passionate, courageous, powerful, spirited red. Red lips, red hair, red nails, red eyeshadow, red fashion. Red, red, red.  Other colors making their way to the runways this year are grass greens, ocean blues, and vibrant fruit colors such as nectarine and lemon twists.

Ombre hair of varying lengths and colors, body art and tattoos, and nail art with shimmery 3D polishes, "tip art", or a picture perfect pale nail. Living in color has never been so beautiful.